Thursday, April 4, 2013

New Shiur Aleph Magid Shiur for Lubavitch Yeshiva of Monsey

Lubavitch Yeshiva of Monsey is excited to announce the appointment of Rabbi Aryeh Hoffman as the new Magid Shiur for Shiur Aleph Mesivta for the upcoming year.

 Rabbi Hoffman, a naturally gifted teacher currently teaches in Yeshivas Darchei Menachem of Crown Heights, has semichah from Menachem L’horaah Semichah program in Morristown and is an alumnus of the Menachem Education Foundation.

A big believer in individualized attention, Rabbi Hoffman’s teaching style is one of connecting with the students also on a personal level.

“Working with our young bochurim is working with the future Chassidim of Lubavitch, both in helping them become true mentchen and as aspiring chasidim of our Rebbe,” says Rabbi Hoffman. “I see Lubavitch Yeshiva of Monsey as the place that can make this dream come alive.”

This year the Mesivta is running with a full curriculum including special periodical Shiurim given by Rabbi Boruch Lesches, Mora D’asra of the Lubavitch Monsey Community, in Halacha. A favorite Shiur of the Bochurim is a Shalos U’Teshuvos Shiur where the Bochurim are encouraged to ask Shalos in all Inyanim of Halacha and Hashkafa.

For the upcoming year there will be three Shiurim open in Mesivta for Shiur’s Aleph, Beis, and Gimmel.

Registration for the coming year for Lubavitch Yeshiva of Monsey is now open.Ffor more information, please contact or 443-525-4212.

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  1. does this mean that the Yeshiva will be in the spirit of darkei Menachem next year?