Friday, April 26, 2013

New Mashpia to Join Lubavitch Yeshiva of Monsey

Lubavitch Yeshiva of Monsey is proud to welcome Rabbi Mendel Landa as the Shiur Gimmel Mashpia and Mashpia Klali of the Mesivta.

Rabbi Landa is a sought-after Mashpia by many Bochurim for his clarity in his shiurim and his ability to make Chassidus practical for each Bochur. In addition to his teaching, Rabbi Landa is known for his concern and care for the bochurim, which adds a tremendous benefit to the atmosphere of Yeshiva. Besides for his shiurim in Chassidus, Rabbi Landa will also be giving shiurim in Halacha and Novi.

Working alongside Rabbi Landa in the Mesivta will be Rabbi Aryeh Hoffman as the Mashpia and Maggid Shiur L'Iyun for Shiur Aleph. Rabbi Hoffman, a naturally gifted teacher currently teaching young bochurim in Crown Heights is an alumnus of the Menachem Education Foundation.

Rabbi Moshe Liberow who serves as a Maggid Shiur L'Iyun, will also be giving shiurim in Girsa and Yemei Chabad. In addition, Rabbi Liberow will continue to give his renowned, weekly Geula & Moshiach Shiur to the Bochurim.

The Mesivta is also happy to announce the addition of a Shiur Klali in Halacha which will be given by Rabbi Yossi Soble, teacher and Maggid Shiur for the 8th grade in Cheder Chabad of Monsey. Rabbi Soble has a reputation for his charismatic method of teaching interactively with his students, bringing practical and stimulating material to each lesson.

LYM is excited to inform all of the continuation of the popular Halacha Shiurim, presented in the form of Question & Answer, given by Rabbi Boruch Leches, the Morah D’asra of the Monsey community. The shiurim will be stemming mainly from the many daily issues being dealt with in Halacha and Hashkafa.

Registration for Shiur’s Aleph, Beis and Gimmel for the upcoming 5774 school year is now open. For applications or more information, please contact Rabbi Shmuel Rothstein at or 443-525-4212.

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