Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Greater Monsey Sports Group

The Greater Monsey Sports Group offers the following leagues:

  • All-girls flag football league 
  • All-girls soccer league 
  • Boys junior soccer league 
  • Boys teenage & adult soccer league 

Dates: Sundays from April 7th through May 19th
Where: Pomona Middle School
Costs: $100 before March 15th and $115 afterwards
Limited slots available

For additional information, please visit monseysports.com or contact Uriel Ash at 845-596-5512 or uriel@nathanash.com.


  1. Totally inappropriate for a chasidishe blog. Sorry.

  2. your right Chaim, a group Cholent, Kugel and herring fest would be much more appropriate and better for everyones health- so we can serve Hashem in better health

    1. I agree totally....
      Nothing quite like obese kids!

      BTW... I see there is an adult game as well... Chaim.... you want to play?

  3. you're, not your, Mr. anonymous. I see you had a little too much sports and not enough three R's...