Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Matzoh Baking Letter from Rabbi Simcha Werner

Dear Anash, (Sheyichyu)

As we approach the Yom Tov of Pesach I would like to discuss several matters regarding Matzah.
As everyone knows Chassidim are especially careful when it comes to Pesach. The most crucial aspect is the baking of the Matzos. That’s why it is very common that many members of Anash organize special groups for Matzah baking. People who are involved understand the tremendous difference there is between a group baking than with a standard baking.

The baking will IY”H take place Friday March 1st (YudTes Adar) at 8:00am. Your invited to join in our baking. We are the first group of the day, which is after the oven goes through a total overnight Koshering.

In previous years we have spent thousands of dollars on extra Hiddurim. The Chumras we take upon ourselves on Pesach affects our spiritual level and brings new heights of Emunah and Betachon to our lives and the lives of our family members.

Just to give you an idea, below is a list of some of the special Hiddurim we do that are not done at a routine baking.
  • We purchase last year  140 new long sticks so that when the Matzos are placed into the oven they rest upon brand new sticks
  • Hundreds of new rolling sticks
  • Before use, the sticks are kept outside so that they are cold 
  • Any long sticks with dough stuck to them, are thrown out and not reused
  • Every kneading bowl is cleaned immediately not allowing the remaining dough to become Chomitz
  • Someone is in charge to see to it that the Matzos are delivered into the oven immediately after rolling. 
  • We try to stand over the women that they constantly work on the dough without any waiting
  • We try to stand over the men that they constantly knead the dough
  • All Matzos are whole wheat
The price per Lb. is $28.00, $5.00 over the regular Matzah bakery price which is $23.00 for whole wheat Matzah. To join us at the bakery or to order Matzos please call 845-356-3850 or email

PS: The Rebbe said it is very important that every Jew have Shmura Matzah at the Seder. Last year NCFJE of Rockland gave out over two thousand Matzos. If you need Matzah to distribute, email or call us at the number above.

Rabbi Simcha Werner

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