Sunday, February 10, 2013

Chupa Warms Crowd in -40 Degree Weather

By Devorah Caytak

On the morning of our daughter Esther's wedding, to Ruvy Litzman of Monsey, we got an emergency phone call from a friend.

"Your wedding is tonight, it is going to be -40 degrees, you need to rent heaters for the outdoor Chuppah ceremony."

We immediately called all the party rentals in Ottawa, Canada, but to no avail. Nobody had any. But, we realized that it was so cold that it would not have made any difference.

We received many more phone calls from our friends...."You are not having the Chuppah outside, are you?"

"We sure are...rain, snow, sleet or hail...just like the Post Office. And we have a Chassidic tradition to have the ceremony under the stars."

People were incredulous that we were going to do the ceremony outside.

Over 300 guests came from all over the world, including Sydney, Australia, Florida, Minnesota, Monsey, Phoenix, Toronto, Montreal, Edmonton, St. Louis, Missouri, Chicago, Jerusalem and more.

The brave ones donned hats, scarves, mitts and boots for the Chuppah ceremony. And the most miraculous thing happened, most everyone was warm!

Rabbi Lesches, Rav of the Lubavitch community in Monsey, was the Mesader Kiddushin. Rabbi Markowitz (from Monsey) read the Kesubah. Cantor Moshe Kraus (Ottawa) sang Mi Adir. The simcha and the Chassidic warmth of the people warmed the crowd.

The wedding was extremely freilach, and it certainly helped that the Freilach Band from NYC came in to play. They wowed the crowd, and especially the Ottawans.The musicians and singer are exceptionally talented, having played at the HASC concert in NY recently. The music was amazing and kept everyone dancing till late into the evening.

Yudi Chein, the Ottawa caterer did an exceptional job in keeping everyone warm with soup during the kabbalas panim and a delicious meal during the wedding.

Many commented what a wonderful, simchadik, fabulous wedding this was, especially in cold, little Ottawa, Canada.

A true treat for all those who attended and celebrated with Mordechai and Malka Litzman and family and Dr. Yosef and Devora Caytak and family.

Mazel tov...and all the brachos...binyan adei ad.

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