Thursday, September 6, 2012

Rabbi Avtzon Inspires for Chai Elul

More than 130 people joined a Chai Elul farbrengen and dinner last night at K'hal Tzemach Tzedek Lubavitch of Monsey.

Rabbi Shalom Ber Avtzon, author of the recently released biography "The Tzemach Tzedek", inspired the crowd.

All attendees received a complimentary copy of the new book.  

Photos: R' Avraham Hayman

Babysitter Available

Babysitter available Monday through Thursday from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM. Please call Esther Fern at 845-548-8654.

Seeking High Schoolers

Beis Menachem is looking for High School age girls to lead the Shabbos Children's Program.

For more info please contact Yehudice Bialestock at or Miriam Zisman at

First Day at Lubavitch Yeshiva of Monsey

Portrait of the Rebbe by Local Talent

Hand sketched portrait of the Rebbe by our own Chana Jacobs available for sale.

All proceeds go to Tzohar Seminary - Lubavitch Seminary for the Arts.

Available at the N'shei Chabad Bookstore (845-558-8249).  Limited prints available.

Seeking Volunteers for Mivtzoim

Chabad JEC is seeking volunteers to take shifts at a mivtzoim booth at the Nyack Street Fair this Sunday, September 9.

Thousands of people are expected to attend the fair, among them many Jews.

If you are able to participate, please contact Rabbi Ehrenreich at

Heartwarming Stories Emerge from Camp B-ME

This past summer, 34 girls gathered from 12 states and 3 continents for the Camp Gan Israel Bat-Mitzvah Experience (B-ME) directed by Rabbi Gershon and Devorah Sandler of Monsey.

As the girls return home, amazing stories are emerging.

A camper from Cleveland, Ohio that attended a public middle-school arrived at B-ME with a weak Jewish identity and returned home determined to find a Jewish High School to attend.

A camper from Boise, Idaho decided she wants to walk to shul, instead of take the car, and when she grows up she wants to be like her counselors and become a teacher and live in New York.

A camper from Budapest, Hungary expressed that she learned at B-Me how to be a proud Jew!

Two sisters from Panama made such good friends at B-ME that they decided to extended their visit to US and stayed at the home of a new camp friend in New Jersey.

The positive feedback and stories keep coming in from all directions, and the common theme is an extremely strong feeling of Jewish Pride that the campers developed during their 3 weeks in B-ME.

B-ME is an overnight summer program that gives Bat-Mitzvah age girls the opportunity to “Be Me.” B-ME is geared for girls with Public School backgrounds, and recruits campers from all over the country as well as from abroad. The camp is situated on 10 acres of magnificent woodlands in Montgomery County, PA.

For more photos, please click here.

Parsha Perspective

By Rabbi Yisroel Shusterman, Dean, Cheder Chabad of Monsey

We are now in the Hebrew month of Elul, just days away from Rosh Hashanah and the High Holidays
– a time of reflection, introspection and taking on new resolutions with which to enhance our lives, spiritually and meaningfully.

Cheder Chabad of Monsey would like to help with a meaningful weekly Torah thought.

A woman once complained to a marriage counselor that her husband never says that he loves her. The therapist turned to the husband for his perspective. “I told her thirty years ago that I love her,” he explained, “and if anything changes, I’ll let her know.”

This weeks Torah portion Ki Savo (Devorim [Deuteronomy] 26:1–29:8) teaches the Mitzvah called Bikkurim (first fruits). In the land of Israel, during the Temple era, every farmer would take the first fruits of a tree to Jerusalem and give it to the priest, the kohen, standing next to the altar. This was an expression of gratitude to G‑d for the abundant produce and the opportunity to live in the land of Israel.

But, in addition to handing the fruit to the priest, the farmer was obligated to make a verbal declaration. This statement was a short summary of Jewish history from the times of Jacob until the conquest of the land of Israel. The declaration emphasizes G‑d’s kindness and the miracles that affected our destiny.

While it is true that actions speak louder than words, there is an element of appreciation that is expressed more by our words than our deeds. Actions express dedication and commitment, but cannot convey warmth and emotion. When you give a gift to a friend as thanks for a favor, a well-written card strengthens the connection and generates more closeness than the gift itself.

As parents, spouses or friends, it is not sufficient to just do things for another person. Our love and care must be articulated with warmth and affection. We cannot appreciate a kindness done to us in our hearts only; we must express it with words of acknowledgement and thanks. Strong communication fuels the relationship and keeps the spark alive.

Tell those close to you how much you appreciate them every day. Set aside a few minutes to pray and thank G‑d for all of His blessings. We need to consider the words that we offer, so that it paints a full picture of our sincere appreciation for what we have been given. And considering that woman’s husband, tell your wife that you love her. She knows it already, but she needs to hear it. She deserves to hear it.

(excerpts from   - from  Rabbi Michoel Gourarie)

May you have a meaningful and uplifting Shabbos!

If you would like to dedicate the weekly Parsha Perspective in honor or memory of a person or occasion, please contact Rabbi Shusterman at

Monsey Keller Esrog Center

I would like to announce that this year, I will be exclusively selling Esrogim, Lulavim, Hadassim and Aravois, for Keller Esrog Center.

In Italy this year I only cut one thousand esrogim versus the two thousand I cut last year and therefore have a limited amount of esrogim for sale this year. For best choice and selection, please come to my home at 7 Earl Court on this Motzoei Shabbos between the hours of 9:00 PM and 12:15 AM.

The following Motzaei Shabbos I will also be open. However there is a limited amount of Esrogim so first come first serve. Hadassim and Lulavim will be available Motzai Shabbos Shuva. For Aravois you go to your locals.

For more information, please call me at 718-778-0804.

R' Markowitz Esrogim Sale

As in the past, Rabbi Zalmen Leib Markowitz will be providing a convenient service to the community by selling esrogim locally at reduced prices.

Esrogim can be purchased at his home, 24 Briarcliff Drive (downstairs entrance), after Rosh Hashana:
  • On every weekday evening from 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM
  • On Friday from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM 
  • On Sunday from 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM 
  • Or by appointment by calling 914-906-6878