Sunday, June 17, 2012

Cheder Fifth Graders Complete Meseches Shabbos

The fifth grade boys class of Cheder Chabad of Monsey recently completed the entire Meseches Shabbos under the tutelage of Rabbi Zelig Silber. The Talmidim have been reviewing the Mishnayos on a special Chazara system throughout the school year which helped keep even the Mishnayos of the beginning of the year fresh in their minds.

HaRav Boruch Lesches, the Mora D'asra of the Chabad Monsey community came to test the boys on the entire 24 Perakim of the Meseches this past Friday, Chof Hey Sivan. Rabbi Lesches remarked that he was very pleased with the test and how impressed he was regarding the Talmidim's knowledge and constant review of the Meseches. He stated how knowing the inyonim of the Meseches is so important for helping the way the Talmidim will keep Shabbos.

After the test, the Talmidim each received a special certificate signed by Rabbi Lesches, Rabbi Wolowik, Principal of the Cheder, and Rabbi Silber celebrating the Talmidim's Siyum of the Meseches.

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Girls Building Getting Closer to Completion

Photo: Zalman Goldstein