Monday, May 14, 2012

Second Floor of New Girls Building Goes Up

The entire building should be complete by the end of this week and the rest of the project is scheduled yo be completed by this summer.
Photos: R' Zalman Goldstein

Heidings Bris

Yonah and Devorah Heidings will be making a Bris for their newborn son tomorrow, Tuesday, at 12 noon at Tzemach Tzedek.

Lag B'Omer at Cheder Chabad Girls

What a fun filled ל"ג בעומר day we had at Cheder Chabad Preschool and Elementary Grades.

Color War was in the air for every student at Cheder Chabad Girls.  The spirit and אחדות was felt by all.  The teams were – Blue team – “Reaching In” and White Team – “Reaching out.”  After Davening the girls went outside for competition races.  Even the weather was beautiful which made the fun and excitement so much more.

Each team performed a skit, sang their theme song, learned פרקי אבות  and were tested on it and had some more outdoor fun.  The older grades played מחנים while the younger grades played games with their Limudei Chol Teachers.  The fun continued.  Each girl got a cotton candy and a red, White and Blue ices.  It was amazing to see the girl’s involvement in whatever way they were able to.   What a happy way to celebrate the special day of ל"ג בעומר .

What a fun filled exciting carnival we had at Cheder Chabad Preschool.  Each class got a turn to jump in the huge moon walk.  While half of the class was enjoying the moon walk the other half made a special arts and crafts with food.  It looked like a bonfire made out of pretzel sticks for the wood and corn candy for the fire.  They also played some games.  At the end of the carnival each child got a cotton candy.  The special day of ל"ג בעומר  was enjoyed by all.

Nursery had פרייליך day in honor of the רשב“יס יארצייט. We went outside and played with the colorful tent and ran under to pretend we are like the רשב“י hiding in a cave from the Romans. We chased after arrows from the bow that Morah used and we danced to real music!

The UPK class made a beautiful arts and crafts with a bonfire. They collected twigs from outside which they used for the bonfire and pasted dancing people all around.  They also danced to the lively  music that was playing in their classroom.

The Pre-1a  classes made a beautiful  parade.  Each girl and boy made magnificent posters for the parade.  They marched around in the building as well as outside singing and dancing.  It really added to the שמחה of the special day of ל"ג בעומר.  They also made a big bonfire out of logs and crepe paper.  They sat around the “fire” in a circle and sang אמר רבי עקיבא... .  It was so nice.

Thank you to all the teachers and staff for adding all your hard work to the success of this special day.