Wednesday, February 22, 2012

R' Leib Schaeffer Farbrengs with Public School Students

Reb Leib Schaeffer, First Lieutenant in the US Marine Corps and a member of the Chabad Monsey Anash, joined Rabbi Gil Hami for a Tu B'Shvat farbrengen at the Hebrew Academy of Morris County's Post Graduate Learning Program (PGLP).

Mr. Schaeffer talked with the kids, alumni of the HAMC, about his life story.  Through inspiring stories, humorous anecdotes, and recollections of his adventures, he described his journey through life, and how a typical unaffiliated Jewish American kid ended up in the US Marines and eventually a Chassidic Jew.

From college football to the grueling challenges of marine training and boot camp, to Law school and Yeshiva life, Reb Leib highlighted episodes from which he learned important life lessons. He shared with the teens thoughts about leadership, Jewish pride, determination, and courage.  The lessons inspired the students to work hard to achieve their goals, as well as to look deeper into their Jewish identity and proudly express it.

The students really connected with what he said and stayed longer to ask more questions.  One student later told Rabbi Hami that "I'm sure my mother set this gathering up to teach me to be responsible for myself and get moving with my life…".

Seeking Ride to Crown Heights

Seeking a ride from Crown Heights to Monsey on Thursday, March 1, after 5 PM or Friday, March 2, in the morning or early afternoon. Please call 845-406-3409.

Large Attendance at First Chabad CLE Class

Close to 100 attorneys attended the first session of "Money Matters" a NYS CLE approved course offered by JLI and sponsored locally by the Chabad Centers of Rockland County.

The unique six-week course, which is open to attorneys and the public takes place at the Clarkstown Hall. The first class was held on Thursday, February 16th. The continuing sessions take place on Thursdays, February 23, March 1, 15, 22, 29. Each session is independent of the others and is eligible for 1.5 CLE credits.

The first lecture was given by Judge Robert Berliner and Rabbi Chaim Zvi Ehrenreich - the topic: Insider Trading in secular American law as compared to Jewish Talmudic law.

The next lecture will be given by, Rabbi Aaron Dovid Gancz and Judge Alan Scheinkman, administrative Judge of the 9th Judicial District.

For more information and to RSVP, please visit

The CLE credits are provided by New York Legal Assistance Group. Thank you to Mr. Yisroel Shulman for all of his help organizing this great endeavor!

Mazel Tov Perlines - L'chaim!

The Perline family would like to invite the community to join them in celebrating the engagement of their daughter Chaya Bracha to Aryeh Sturm this Motzai Shabbos, February 25 at 8:30 PM, in their home at 80 Wilder Road in Wesley Hills (please park across from their driveway on Wildwood Drive).

Machane Bnos Monsey Preparing for a Great Summer

Tonight's Samach Vov Shiur Canceled

There will be no Samach Vov shiur tonight at Tzemach Tzedek since Rabbi Lesches will be away.

Mazel Tov Abramowitzs!

Mazel tov to Reb Yitzchok and Yehudis Abramowitz on the birth of a great grandson born to Nosson Tzvi and Bracha Brejt of Yerushalayim!