Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Rebbe on Tu B'Shvat

Hate Crime, Robbery Against Bochur In Monsey

Living Museum of Chabad History at Cheder Chabad Girls

Chabad history came to life at “The Living Museum of our Rich Chabad History” created by the talented students and teachers of Cheder Chabad Girls School of Monsey.

A walk through the museum took you through the historic Chabad towns of Liozna, Lubavitch, Rostov and later, New York, and specifically Crown Heights.

In each town the presence of the רבי or רביים who lived there was felt through the different drama presentations, slide shows, מאמרי חז"ל, or artifacts that were displayed. From town to town our travelers walked along dirt roads lit only by lanterns, with many trees lining the side of the road, as well as ducks and other animals.

The first town one visited was Liozna, where the fourth graders painted a wall with the yeshivah of the אלטער רבי, known as the "חדרים," with חדר Aleph, Beis and Gimmel. Another wall depicted different facts about the life of the אלטער רבי. The town of Liozna was divided into different stations with displays made by different girls in the class. The first station was a diorama, the second a Power-Point presentation and the third a story told through pictures. The last was a market place where a children's book about the אלטער רבי in full color was "sold."

From Liozna we traveled to the town of ליובאוויטש, home of 3 Chabad רביים. Our eighth graders had a lifelike shtetel complete with a working well, a pond with fish swimming around, as well as chickens and geese. Here too presentations were made representing the רביים who lived in Lubavitch, as well a museum of artifacts and a slide presentation. Next, we traveled onto Rostov, where the רבי רש"ב lived for the last few years of his life. In this room one met ר' חאניע מאראזאוו, הי"ד, a famous and devoted חסיד of the רבי רש"ב, and learned about the life of the רבי רש"ב with the help of the "Rostov tour guide," one of our seventh graders.

The sixth graders very artistically presented the life of the פריערדיקער רבי which began in Russia and ended in America. The display came complete with a boat that brought him to these shores. The message that one walked out with from there was the lifelong message of the פריערדיקער רבי, that "אמעריקא איז ניט אנדערש." America is no different than the Old Country in Europe.

Lastly, our fifth graders created a lifelike scene of Kingston Avenue leading to 770, home of our רבי, where on יו"ד שבט the רבי took on the נשיאות and taught our דור, giving us the teachings and tools to prepare for משיח. May we be זוכה to greet him now!