Tuesday, January 10, 2012

6th Grade Cheder Boys Get Farhered

You could almost touch the air in the Cheder Chabad boys 6th grade classroom as Rabbi Lesches walked into the room and the boys stood up with respect and readiness to answer any questions on מסכת פסחים.

This special farher is the culmination of hours of learning and review of each משנה in the long and intricate mesechta. The boys are now eager to not forget the משניות and do חזרה on it.

Video of 8th Day Chanukah Concert

The following are a series of videos from the Chanukah concert at RCC benefiting the Center for Jewish Life at RCC.

The show featured the Shiru Lo Boys Choir under the direction of Rabbi Chaim Block of Shalsheles fame, Moshe Hecht and 8th Day. Video: Rabbi Mendel Shagalov