Thursday, November 8, 2012

Suburban Bench Seat For Sale

We are selling a Little Seats extra 3rd or 4th bench seat for a Chevrolet Suburban for $500.

This bench was purchased brand new in 2008 and has three lap belts and is used for installing into the trunk of a Suburban to increase seats from 8 to 11.

This is safe and legal when installed properly. Can be installed rear or front facing.It is a tan covered seat. No rips or tears, everything works properly. The mounting gear is for a 1999 Suburban, if it does not fit yours, then you can order new mounting gear from This seat was purchased new for almost $800.00 and is meant for children to be used with no booster seat. It is designed for smaller children. (The suburban itself is for sale too - as parts so if you are interested let me know!)

Please contact 570-328-1921.

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