Friday, October 5, 2012

Bais Menachem Schedule for the Second Days of Sukkos 5773

The following is the schedule for K'hal Bais Menachem for the second days of Sukkos 5773.

A tremendous effort was made to create a schedule that will help everyone - men, women and children - enjoy a very simchadike Yom Tov!

Sunday, October 7: Erev Yom Tov (Tishrei 21):
6:09p Candle Lighting
6:20p Mincha
7:08p Maariv
7:20p Kiddush (in Sukkah)
8:00p Ato Horeyso (in Shul) Approx.
8:30p Hakofos
9:10p 7th Hakofoh with extended Dancing

Monday, October 8: Shmini Azeres (Tishrei 22):
9:30a Shacharis
9:51a Sof Zeman Krias Shema (Alter Rebbe)
11:00a Krias Hatorah
11:40a Yizkor
12:00p Tefilas Geshem
12:10p Birkas Kohanim
6:10p Mincha

7:07p Maariv (Candle lighting and preperations after 7:07p only)
7:20p Kiddush
8:00p Ato Horeyso (Approx.)
8:30p Hakofos
9:10p 7th Hakofoh with extended Dancing

Tuesday, October 9: Simchas Torah (Tishrei 23):
9:30a Shacharis
9:52a Sof Zeman Krias Shema (Alter Rebbe)
10:20a Birchas Kohanim
10:45a Kiddush
11:45a Ato Horeiso – Hakofos
12:15p Krias Hatorah (Everyone receives Aliyah)
12:40p Kol Haneorim, Chosson Torah, Chosson Bereishis, Maftir
1:30p Mussaf
6:00p Mincha
6:15p Farbrengen, Niggunim
7:00p Maariv

Best wishes for a freilichin' Yom Tov!