Sunday, September 2, 2012

Cheder Girls & Preschool Starting Tuesday in New Building

With thanks to Hashem, Cheder Chabad Girls Division and Preschool will be opening on time this coming Tuesday, 17 Elul, September 4, at the new building, 25 South Monsey Road in Airmont (take College Road past Route 59 which turns into South Monsey Road).

Reminder - there will be no busing on Tuesday.

Please leave extra time to find the location and familiarize yourself with the traffic flow at the new campus.

Entrance: All vehicles except buses must turn left into the parking lot regardless if parking or not. Continue through the lot, loop around the building, queue up on the long side of building and discharge your passengers.

Exit: Continue around loop and pass main entrance. Exit using the far lane. Please note that you can only make a RIGHT turn onto South Monsey Road when exiting the property. Don't make a left and get a traffic ticket.