Friday, August 24, 2012

Help Your Fellow Jews Experience the High Holidays

Over the past two years Chabad of Suffern has grown tremendously in their High Holiday Peulos with over 600 people attending services at the Crowne Plaza hotel.

With the hope that every Jew should have a place to go for High Holiday services, we mailed out 26,000 free tickets this year.

We are asking the Anash community to help us reach the Jews living in the Monsey area, by passing the tickets that we sent to your homes on to a non-observant person you may know such as neighbors, co-workers, etc.

If you have a few neighbors that you would like to give this to, you can call or email with their information and we will make sure they receive their tickets in the mail. You can also refer anyone to our newly updated High Holiday mega site at, where you can find any information you may need regarding the High Holiday programing.

If we work on this together, we hope that no Jew in the area will be left behind and we will be zoche to bring much nachas to the Rebbe.

To help sponsor this amazing project you can make a donation online at