Monday, July 9, 2012

N'shei Chabad Bookstore Update

New Releases:
  • Chumash Vayikra - Kehos - Final volume of the set is available! 
  • Hayom Yom - Sichos in English - Rabbi Touger's Commentaries Full Size and Compact Size Available 
  • Tehillas Hashem Siddurim - Old Format with new clear printing Full Size and Medium Size Available
  • The Tzemach Tzedek - Rabbi Yonah Avtzon - Biography 
  • The Illustrated Family Tehillim - Hachai Publishing 
  • Spice and Spirit of Kosher Cooking - LWO 
  • Back in Print - Miracles and Amazing Stories of the Rebbe - Yehudis Engel 
From July 10 through July 31, please call Mrs. Chaya Schaeffer at 845-290-1967 to arrange a time to visit the bookstore or place an order. Remember Gift Certificates are available and every size Tallis Katan and Tallis Gadol. And more.