Thursday, May 31, 2012

Tonight's Shiur on Alcohol and Substance Abuse

Rabbi Kagan's weekly shiur will take place tonight, Thursday, at 9:00 PM at the home of Dov Oliver, 7 Ashlawn Avenue.

The topic of this week's shiur is "Alcohol and Substance Abuse".

Maariv will follow the shiur at 10 PM.

All are invited and encouraged to join!

Abramov Shalom Zachor

Rabbi Yosef and Rivky Abramov will be making a Shalom Zachor for their newborn son this Friday night at their home, 592 Union Road.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Lubavitch Yeshiva of Monsey Registration Opens

We are happy to announce the opening of Lubavitch Yeshiva of Monsey (LYM)!

The Mesivta is currently accepting applications for bochurim going into Shiur Aleph (9th grade) and Shiur Beis (10th grade) for the upcoming school year.

The Yeshiva is committed to bringing out the best in every bochur in a warm and chassidishe environment and helping each student reach his potential.

Our goal is to teach every bochur how to learn independently and give him the tools to dissect a piece of Gemara and Chassidus.

Aside from shiurim in Chassidus and Gemarah, the curriculum also includes shiurim in Halacha, Yemei Chabad and more, with the aim of instilling a greater source of knowledge and a more stimulating day.

At LYM we believe that a bochur is driven to learn when he feels and sees his accomplishments and by giving him positive reinforcement. This will be accomplished through our unique program known as Mivtza Asei Tov, a program that focuses on the positive.

For more information or to request an application, please call the Menahel Ruchni, Rabbi Shmuel Rothstein, at 443-525-4212.

Kesser Weekly Specials

Buy by the case and save!

The Kesser Distributors specials for this week are:

  • Chicken Leg Fillet: $4.99 per pound
  • Salmon Fish Fillet: $6.49 per pound
  • Ground Beef: $5.79 per pound
All products are Lubavitch Shechita.

To order, please go to or contact Chaim Holtzberg at or 914-729-0838.

Mazel Tov Abramovs!

Mazel tov to Rabbi Yosef and Rivky Abramov on the birth of a baby boy!

Shifra and Puah arranges homemade meals from people in the community for mothers of newborn children from our community. If you are able to cook a meal, please sign up on MealTrain or contact Karen Schild at or 845-354-4898.

Cheder Banquet Ad Deadline This Friday

 Dear Anash,

The excitement is building!

The 13th Annual Banquet celebrating our Cheder will take place at the Sheraton Crossroads in Mahwah, NJ on Sunday, Sivan 20, June 10.

This year we are honoring two incredible couples in our community, Avraham and Devorah Hayman and Rabbi Eli and Chani Cohen.

This is a wonderful opportunity to honor them by attending the dinner and expressing your gratitude to them in the ad journal.  Also, by giving your support to the Cheder, there is no better way to express appreciation and Hakoras Hatov to the Hayman family for their unparalleled commitment to the Cheder, their lead in the campaign to bring us the new girls campus and their overall devotion to our community.

Please make your reservations and place your ad in the commemorative journal by the deadline, this Friday, June 1st.

Submit your ad blank by:
  • Mail: Cheder Chabad of Monsey, P.O. Box 1164, Monsey, NY  10952
  • Email:
  • Online:
  • Phone: 845-356-1213 x 204

Rabbi Chaim Zvi Ehrenreich,
Journal Coordinator

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Mazel Tov Schulmans!

Mazel tov to Yisroel and Rivkah Schulman on the engagement of their daughter Mussie Rothschild to Chaim Shimon Dubov of Ramat Beit Shemesh, Eretz Yisroel!

The l'chaim will take place on June 14, 24 Sivan,  in Yerushalayim Ir HaKodesh. If you will be in Eretz Yisroel at that time, please contact Yisroel Schulman ( or Rivkah Schulman ( for details.

Mazel Tov Zelenkos!

Rabbi Yisroel Shusterman receiving a kibud at the Bris of the newborn son of Dr. and Mrs. Zev and Sima Chana Zelenko of Monroe.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Local Shluchim Join Regional Kinus

Local Shluchim joined 180 of their colleagues at a regional Kinus for Shluchim serving the greater New York and New England area which was held in Port Washington, New York, this past Sunday.

Rabbi Lesches gave a Halacha session and Rabbi Yaakov Horowitz, Dean of Yeshiva Darchei Noam of Monsey, gave a session on "The Chinuch of Our Children".

Rare Opportunity to Dedicate a Classroom in New Girls Building

If you haven’t driven through South Monsey lately, the new building for the girls’ Cheder and MBCM high school has Baruch Hashem appeared before our very eyes.

There is still work to be done, and with your help, the building will open in time for the new school year this coming fall, IY”H.

In conjunction with the Cheder's upcoming dinner on Sunday, Sivan 20 - June 10, and as an incentive to dedicate classrooms to the Cheder, the Hayman family will sponsor part of your donation for each new classroom dedication.

While all donations are welcomed and greatly appreciated, this offer only applies to classroom dedications ($18,000 - please see dedication list below).

If you commit now and agree to pay at least fifty percent by September 1, 2012, the Hayman family will contribute $1,800 towards your commitment. In addition, the Hayman family will also pay $1,800 on your behalf for a journal ad (Gold Dedication Level) for the dinner which includes reservations for up to 4 people.

If you are interested or want more information, please contact Dovid Novack, the Administrative Director of the Cheder at 845-356-1213, ext. 202, by June 3rd.

This offer is being made in Memory of Leah Miriam Hayman whose yahrzeit is on 14 Sivan.

(click image to enlarge)

Parsha Perspective

By Rabbi Yisroel Shusterman, Dean, Cheder Chabad of Monsey

This week's Torah reading is called Bamidbar, "in the desert" and is always read before holiday of Shavuot. The connection is obvious—after all, Shavuot commemorates the giving of the Torah, an event that transpired in the Sinai Desert.

In the desert there are no towns or neighborhoods--you'd be neither on the right nor on the wrong side of the tracks. There aren't any department stores or grocery stores-- which is why, say our sages, G-d gave us the Torah in the desert.

Had He given it to us on Wall Street, He would have had to decide whom to appoint to the board and who should retain a controlling interest. Had He given it to us in the Holy Land, He'd have had to decide if He wants it in religious Jerusalem, mystical Sefad or hi-tech Tel Aviv. Or perhaps He'd have preferred a Marxist kibbutz or even a neo-Zionist settlement?

G-d wanted no shareholders in his Torah, no corporate structure, no social or political context. In fact, no context whatsoever. Just us and the Torah.

Wouldn't it have been great to stay in the desert?

But as soon as G-d was sure that we'd gotten the message--that we understood that the Torah is not the product of any particular age, environment or cultural milieu, and that it belongs, absolutely and unequivocally, to each and every one of us--he sent us to the cities and the towns of His world, to its farms and marketplaces, to its universities and office complexes. He told us that now that He's done His part, it's up to us to make His Torah relevant in all these places and in all these contexts.

G‑d gave us the Torah there to teach us that our job is to transform a world which is a spiritual desert, lacking morals, ethics and humility, into a world of Torah and peace.

And more personally speaking: At times we find ourselves in a moral Sinai, when our life seems empty and dull, uninspiring, depressing and barren. There, specifically there, the Torah must enter and push us out of the rut.

Torah is not only for the synagogue. It is for the desert as well.

May the literal title of our parshah of Bamidbar and the many lessons it conveys serve as a fitting prelude for the beautiful festival of Shavuot. May we receive the Torah with joy and earnestness so that this important festival will be both meaningful and memorable.

Have a meaningful and uplifting Shabbos and a joyous Shavuos!

(excerpts from 

No Kol Hanorim Minyan, Yes Mesibas Shabbos

There will not be a Kol Hanorim children's minyan this Shabbos Parshas Bamidbar and on Shavuos.

There will be a Mesibas Shabbos this Shabbos for boys in grades 1 through 5 from 5:30 to 6:30 PM in Tzemach Tzedek.

Mazel Tov Silversteins!

Mazel tov to Rabbi Yisroel and Mushkie Silverstein on the birth of a baby girl!

Shifra and Puah arranges homemade meals from people in the community for mothers of newborn children from our community. If you are able to cook a meal, please sign up on MealTrain or contact Karen Schild at or 845-354-4898.

Pidyon Shvuyim - Jacob Ostreicher

Jacob Ostreicher is a frum Jew from Borough Park who  has been sitting in prison in Bolivia for many months although he has not been charged.

Please take a moment and sign a petition and help this husband, father and grandfather come home.

To sign the petition, click here.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Tzemach Tzedek Shavuos 5772 Schedule

Erev Shabbos, Friday, 4 Sivan (May 25):
Shacharis 1: 7:00 AM
Shacharis 2: 8:00 AM
Licht Bentshen: 7:59 PM
Mincha: 8:10 PM

Shabbos Kodesh, Parshas Bamidbar, 5 Sivan (May 26):
Shacharis: 9:30 AM
Mincha: 8:00 PM
Recite Perek 6 of Pirkei Avos
Maariv: 9:05 PM
Licht Bentshen: After 9:07 PM

After Seudos Yom Tov all are encouraged to come to shul for Tikun Leil Shavuos. Refreshments will be served and there will be a number of shiurim given throughout the night.

First Day of Shavuos, Sunday, 6 Sivan (May 27):
Alos HaShachar (Mikvah): 3:43 AM
Shacharis: 10:00 AM
Aseres Hadibros: Approximately 11:15 AM
Mincha: 8:10 PM
Chassidus Shiur
Maariv: 9:05 PM
Licht Bentshen: After 9:08 PM

Second Day of Shavuos, Monday, 7 Sivan (May 28): 
Shacharis: 10:00 AM
Yizkor: Approximately 11:45 AM
Kinus Torah: 7:00 PM
Mincha: 8:00 PM
Seder Niggunim
Maariv - Yom Tov Ends: 9:09 PM
Kiddush Levana (if possible)

!בברכת לקבלת התורה בשמחה ובפנימיות

R' Markowitz at Chinuch Meeting in Israel

Rabba Zalmen Leib Markowitz spoke at a unique all-day meeting in Yerushalayim this week.

The meeting included prominent Chabad Rabonim and Mechanchim from Eretz Yisroel and addressed the important topic of Chinuch in the Anash communities.

Baking Challah for Yom Tov?

A child is in need of a Refuah.

To bake challah for Tom Tov in his zechus, please contact Aliza Ptalis at 845-642-6446 or

Please daven for a Refuah Shlaima for Binyomin Chaim ben Faigie Sara.

Heichal Menachem Shavuos Schedule

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Going to Montreal?

If you are traveling from Monsey to Montreal in the next couple of weeks and are able to bring a stroller, please contact Schneur Z. Rabin at or 514-733-1815.

Fairway Coming to Rockland

Specialty food retailer Fairway Market, which offers an expanding selection of Kosher products, will be an anchor store at the Shops at Nanuet when the new mall opens in fall 2013.

Simon Property Group Inc., the owner of the mall, made the announcement today, saying the 66,000-square-foot store would be the first Fairway in Rockland and the first for a Simon mall.

The collaboration of Fairway and Simon “will create a wonderful shopping experience for the residents of this region,” Charles Santoro, chairman of Fairway Market, said in a statement.

Mazel Tov Rubashkins!

Mazel tov to Rabbi Meir Simcha and Fraidy Rubashkin on the birth of a baby girl!

Mazel tov to the grandparents Rabbi Sholom Mordechai and Leah Rubashkin!

Shavuos Ice Cream Party

There will be an ice cream sundae party for children ages seven and under as part of the children's program downstairs at Tzemach Tzedek on the first day of Shavuos, Sunday, following the laining of Aseres Hadibros from 11:30 to 11:45 AM.

Thanks to Yonah and Devorah Heidings for sponsoring this!

Free Bookshelves Available

UPDATE - Bookcases have been taken.

We have two bookshelves available for free. Must be picked up by tomorrow, Thursday.

Please call 718-757-9149 to arrange pick up.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Seeking Ride to Ohel

One of our N'shei would like to join another woman or family going to the Ohel some time before Shavuos. If you have room for one, please call 845-709-1376.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Shloshim for R' Yeshaya Schtroks OBM

Shavuos Learning for Women

There will be learning for women and girls on the first night of Shavuos, Motzai Shabbos, beginning at midnight at the home of Mrs. Yehudis Abramowitz, 6 Zabriskie Terrace.

Stop in for a few minutes or for an hour or stay until dawn!

Discounted Taleisim For Sale

Light wool Taleisim with Tzitis are available for sale at a closeout price of only $70. Only 15 are left.

Size 70 - 13 available
Size 80 - 1 available
Size 60 - 1 available  

To purchase, please text  845-459-5772.

Kiddush at K'hal Nusach Ari This Shabbos

Lubavitcher Bochur Makes Siyum on Shas

Rabbi Lesches speaking yesterday at a Yarchei Kallah program held at Yeshivas Chovevei Torah in Crown Heights where a 19 year old bochur, HaTomim Shaya Zirkind, made a Siyum on the entire Shas.

N'shei Shavuos Event Tonight

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Kesser Shavuos Specials

Buy by the case and save!

The Kesser Distributors Shavuos specials are:

Minute Roast: $8.49 per pound
Flanken: $8.99 per pound

All products are Lubavitch Shechita.

To order, please go to or contact Chaim Holtzberg at or 914-729-0838.

Heichal Menachem Pre Shavuos Shiur

Friday, May 18, 2012

New Girls Building Completely Installed

The Cheder Chabad of Monsey and MBCM building installation was completed today!

Over the coming weeks the exterior finish and roof of the building will be completed along with the remaining site work.

Please pitch in and take part in this historic happening. Dedication opportunities are below.

Photos & Video: R' Zalman Goldstein

Mazel Tov Perlines - L'chaim!

Mazal tov to R' Mayer and Shternie Perline on the engagement of their son Menachem Mendel Rimler to Sarah Abramson of Ann Arbor, Michigan!

The l'chaim will  be held this Monday, May 21, at 9:00 PM at  577 Montgomery Street (between Brooklyn and New York Avenues), in Crown Heights.

Parsha Perspective

By Rabbi Yisroel Shusterman, Dean, Cheder Chabad of Monsey

This week’s  Torah reading of Behar-Bechukosai (Vayikra (Leviticus) 25:1-27:34) includes a section known as the “Tochacha” (Rebuke). It is an ominous warning of the troubles and difficulties that will befall Israel should they stray from the G‑dly path. The mystics teach that even those frightening punishments are, in reality, hidden blessings that cannot be perceived at face value.

Thee is an  interesting analogy on this theme from the well-known author Rabbi Dr A.J. Twerski. A mother takes her toddler to the doctor. The doctor prepares to give the child a vaccination by injection. But the child isn't stupid. He sees trouble coming, so he doesn't make it easy for the doctor. In fact, Mom must hold the child down while the doctor administers the injection, and throughout, the kid is screaming and shouting. Not a minute later the child is suddenly burying his face in Mom's shoulder, desperately seeking solace in his mother's embrace. And the question is “Why?” Wasn’t Mom an accomplice to the crime when she held him down while the doctor attacked him? Why is this child suddenly finding comfort on  Mom's shoulder? She is the enemy!

The answer is that every child knows intuitively that his mother loves him and wants only the best for her child. Even if there seems to be a momentary lapse, he knows it will be short-lived. After the fleeting test of faith, the innate and essential bond of love between mother and child is quickly re-established.

And so it is with our Father in Heaven. Sometimes we may feel angry from what we see happening. Why does He allow all these terrible misfortunes to befall us? And yet, we know that he really and truly does love us. After all is said and done, we are His children. Does the mother in the clinic hate her child? Is she punishing him? G‑d forbid. Does the doctor want to hurt the child? Of course not ! So, just as a child is comforted by his mother, so is the Jew comforted by the knowledge and conviction that G‑d loves us.

To us it may remain a mystery but to G‑d there is a cosmic, eternal plan. The child doesn't understand or appreciate an injection and neither can we fathom the divine "vaccinations" we must put up with from time to time. Nevertheless, we accept in good faith that somehow there is a reason - and even a good reason - behind all our problems. It may not be revealed to us in this world, only in the next. So we do need a fair amount of patience. Personally, I'm prepared to handle living in suspense.

In our moments of misery and days of distress, let us remember that our loving Father in Heaven is surely no less caring than the mother in the doctor's office.

Have a meaningful and uplifting Shabbos!

(excerpts from by Rabbi Yossy Goldman)

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Seeking Second Grade Teacher

Lubavitch on the Palisades is looking for a female second grade Limudei Kodesh Teacher.

Great hours, excellent pay and warm environment.

If you are interested in this position, please contact Orite at 646-262-3856 or

Oliver Kiddush

R' Dov and Shevy Oliver are sponsoring the Kiddush-Farbrengen at Beis Menachem this Shabbos Mevorchim and Shabbos Chazak in honor of the birth of their daughter, Rafaella Leba.

Tehillim is at 8:00 AM followed by Shacharis at 9:30 AM followed by the Kiddush-Farbrengen.

All are invited!

R' Kagan's Thursday Night Shiur

Rabbi Kagan's weekly Thursday night shiur for men will take place tonight at 9:00 PM at the home of Shloime Litzman, 6 Kakiat Lane.

The topic of this week's shiur is Mechitzas and why they are needed, when they are needed, what constitutes a Mechitza and  the like.

Maariv will follow the shiur at 10:00 PM.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Seeking Air Conditioners

Cheder Chabad is in need of window/portable air conditioning units. If you have a unit to donate, please contact 845-356-1213 ext 3 or

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Reminder - Vote Today

The East Ramapo School District Budget Vote and Trustee Elections is today,  Tuesday.

Polls are open from 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

For voting locations, please click here.

Mazel Tov Olivers!

Mazel tov to Dov and Shevy Oliver on the birth of a baby girl!

Mazel tov to the grandparents Moshe and Zippora Reitman!

Shifra and Puah arranges homemade meals from people in the community for mothers of newborn children from our community. If you are able to cook a meal, please sign up on MealTrain or contact Karen Schild at 845-354-4898 or

Monday, May 14, 2012

Second Floor of New Girls Building Goes Up

The entire building should be complete by the end of this week and the rest of the project is scheduled yo be completed by this summer.
Photos: R' Zalman Goldstein

Heidings Bris

Yonah and Devorah Heidings will be making a Bris for their newborn son tomorrow, Tuesday, at 12 noon at Tzemach Tzedek.

Lag B'Omer at Cheder Chabad Girls

What a fun filled ל"ג בעומר day we had at Cheder Chabad Preschool and Elementary Grades.

Color War was in the air for every student at Cheder Chabad Girls.  The spirit and אחדות was felt by all.  The teams were – Blue team – “Reaching In” and White Team – “Reaching out.”  After Davening the girls went outside for competition races.  Even the weather was beautiful which made the fun and excitement so much more.

Each team performed a skit, sang their theme song, learned פרקי אבות  and were tested on it and had some more outdoor fun.  The older grades played מחנים while the younger grades played games with their Limudei Chol Teachers.  The fun continued.  Each girl got a cotton candy and a red, White and Blue ices.  It was amazing to see the girl’s involvement in whatever way they were able to.   What a happy way to celebrate the special day of ל"ג בעומר .

What a fun filled exciting carnival we had at Cheder Chabad Preschool.  Each class got a turn to jump in the huge moon walk.  While half of the class was enjoying the moon walk the other half made a special arts and crafts with food.  It looked like a bonfire made out of pretzel sticks for the wood and corn candy for the fire.  They also played some games.  At the end of the carnival each child got a cotton candy.  The special day of ל"ג בעומר  was enjoyed by all.

Nursery had פרייליך day in honor of the רשב“יס יארצייט. We went outside and played with the colorful tent and ran under to pretend we are like the רשב“י hiding in a cave from the Romans. We chased after arrows from the bow that Morah used and we danced to real music!

The UPK class made a beautiful arts and crafts with a bonfire. They collected twigs from outside which they used for the bonfire and pasted dancing people all around.  They also danced to the lively  music that was playing in their classroom.

The Pre-1a  classes made a beautiful  parade.  Each girl and boy made magnificent posters for the parade.  They marched around in the building as well as outside singing and dancing.  It really added to the שמחה of the special day of ל"ג בעומר.  They also made a big bonfire out of logs and crepe paper.  They sat around the “fire” in a circle and sang אמר רבי עקיבא... .  It was so nice.

Thank you to all the teachers and staff for adding all your hard work to the success of this special day.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Seeking Apartment or Host for Shavuos

Couple with one child looking to rent apartment/basement or for a host family For Shavous. Please contact 845-352-0601.

Hashovas Aveida

Someone left a black coat at the Heidings Shalom Zachor. If it is yours, please contact

Mazel Tov Webbs!

Mazel tov to R' Tzvi and Chaya Webb on the birth of a granddaughter born to Avi and Bryna Webb of Crown Heights!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Ride from Crown Heights

Looking for a ride form Crown Heights to Monsey this Motzai Shabbos for a female passenger. Please contact Gwen Messing at 845-362-6370.

A Parsha Thought

Compiled by Rabbi Yisroel Shusterman, Dean, Cheder Chabad of Monsey

The Parsha  this week, Emor, presents an interesting Mitzva. “A bull, sheep or goat that is born to you shall remain under its mother for seven days. From the eighth day onward it is acceptable as an offering to G-d" (Vayikra (Leviticus) 22:27). Why does the Torah refer to the newborn animals by their mature names instead of the usual calf, lamb and kid? The Torah wants to teach us  that an animal is born with its entire potential already actualized. It cannot develop into something greater then it already is at this “age”

Its qualities will never erode, but its inherent faults will always remain.

Not so for human beings. Man is always capable of more. Rabbi Akiva, for example, was forty years old before he learned to read Hebrew, yet he became the greatest Torah scholar in history. Every human being, background and affiliation not withstanding, can transform him or herself and thus make great strides forward.

A calf is born and lives for one week. Having completed one full cycle of life, it reaches its greatest milestone: it is ready to be brought as an offering before G-d. There is no sense in waiting any longer for it won't develop into more than it already is. Mankind, on the other hand, lives for one week and only then begins the journey. Circumcision, performed on the eighth day, enables us to begin a process that only intensifies as we grow and mature.

(Though girls are not circumcised they don't miss out on this process. Jewish thought views women as endowed at birth with the inherent quality that men receive only at circumcision. In this sense women begin their process of spiritual growth one week earlier, from the time of birth.)

It is never too late to turn over a new leaf. Life is filled with milestones. Birth, circumcision, bar/bat mitzvah, graduation, marriage, parenting, grand parenting and so on. If physical maturity marches inexorably forward, it follows that spiritual maturity can, and should, at the very least, keep pace.

(excerpts from - Rabbi   Lazer Gurkow)

 Have a meaningful and uplifting Shabbos!

Heidings Shalom Zachor

Yonah and Devorah Heidings will be making a Shalom Zachor for their newborn son this Friday night at their home, 150 Kearsing Parkway, #C.

Goldman Shalom Zachor

Mordy and Miriam Goldman will be making a Shalom Zachor in honor of their newborn son this Friday night at their home, 115 East Willow Tree Road.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Cheder Boys Choir Practicing for Upcoming Banquet

N'shei Chabad Shavuos Event

Seeking Preschool Teacher

Lubavitch on the Palisades Preschool in Tenafly, New Jersey, is looking for a Nursery teacher for the upcoming school year (September 2012 - July 2013).

If interested in this position, please contact Orite at 646-262-3856 or

Machane Bnos Monsey Elite

Mes Mitzvah Opportunity

A Jew who has very few relatives will have a Levaya tomorrow, Thursday, at 9:45 AM at the cemetery on the corner of Brick Ch-rch Road and Route 306.

Eight men are needed to make sure there is a minyan for kaddish and enough to participate in the kvurah to bring this Yid to proper Kever Yisroel.

If you can make it, please contact Rabbi Chaim Zvi Ehrenreich at 914-393-3152 or

Route 59 Paving Project

The New York State Department of Transportation has started the Route 59 Paving Project, between Good Samaritan Hospital and Spook Rock Road.

The Project will be completed between the hours 9:00 PM - 5:30 AM. Motorists traveling in the area during this timeframe should expect delays.

No Samach Vov Shiur Tonight

Because of Lag B'Omer there will be no Samach Vov shiur at Tzemach Tzedek tonight.

Mazel Tov Heidings!

Mazel tov to Yona and Devorah Heidings on the birth of a baby boy!

Shifra and Puah arranges homemade meals from people in the community for mothers of newborn children from our community. If you are able to cook a meal, please sign up on MealTrain or contact Karen Schild at 845-354-4898 or

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Heichal Menachem Lag B'Omer Farbrengen

R' Oberlander Meets Skulener Rebbe

Rabbi Gedaliah Oberlander, Rav of Heichal Menachem of Monsey, joined Chabad Rabbonim Rabbi Avrohom Osdoba and Rabbi Leibel Altein at a meeting with the Skulener Rebbe who encouraged them to invite the Chabad community to the gathering at Citifield that is taking place on Sunday, May 20, to address the dangers of the internet.

Lag B'Omer Farbrengen

There will be a farbrengen in honor of Lag B'Omer this Thursday night, May 10, following the 9:30 PM maariv minyan at Tzemach Tzedek.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Tzivos Hashem Siddur Delayed

This year, Tzivos Hashem produced a beautiful siddur for all those children who joined Chayolei Tzivos Hashem. There has been a delay in its arrival from China and every Chayol will I"YH get their siddur before תשע"ג.

Seeking Head Counselors

Fair Lawn Jewish Day Camp is looking to hire 2 female head counselors for an eight week camp. The drive from Monsey is approximately half an hour.

Minimum age is 19 years old. Must have past camp experience. Must be able to drive and have a car.

You will be treated well, given a good work environment, paid on time, appreciated and given opportunity.

You must meet all the above criteria and demonstrate that you have what it takes to get the job done in order to be considered.

Potential space for counselors as well.

If interested, please contact with your resume and at least three references.

Mazel Tov Goldmans!

Mazal tov to Mordy and Miriam Goldman on the birth of a baby boy!

Shifra and Puah arranges homemade meals from people in the community for mothers of newborn children from our community. If you are able to cook a meal, please sign up on MealTrain or contact Karen Schild at 845-354-4898 or

Boys Bedroom Furniture For Sale

A double dresser with hutch, crib and headboard for twin bed is available for sale. For more information, please contact 845-216-8007.

Stay Informed - Sign Up for the Daily Email

Stay informed about what is happening in your community!

Sign up for the daily email that contains all of the news that was posted on that day.

To sign up for the daily email, please click here (after you enter your email address you will receive an email with a link in it to verify your email address - be sure to click on the link!).

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Apartment for Rent

A two bedroom apartment is available for rent in the New Hempstead area close to a Chabad shul.

For more information, please contact 347-992-0035.

Kesser Lag B'Omer Specials

Buy by the case and save!

The Kesser Distributors Lag B'Omer specials are:

Beef Franks: $4.49 per pound
Classic Patties (beef & chicken mixed burger): $4.99 per pound
Chicken Breast Fillet - $4.49 per pound

All products are Lubavitch Shechita.

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Friday, May 4, 2012

Cheder Banquet Ad Journal

You can now reserve your seat and purchase a journal ad for Cheder Chabad of Monsey's 13th Anniversary Banquet at

The Amudei Chesed honorees are Avraham and Devorah Hayman and the Parents of the Year honorees are Eli and Chani Cohen.

The dinner is taking place on Sunday, June 10, 20 Sivan, at the Sheraton Mahwah Hotel in Mahwah, New Jersey.