Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Chof Beis Shvat at Cheder Chabad Girls

Cheder Chabad Girls had an inspiring כ"ב שבט today. The day began with a visit from a group of Russian women who are in New York for כ"ב שבט. We invited them to our כ"ב שבט rally. The girls said the י"ב פסוקים with such חיות that the visitors where very inspired. כתה ד' sang ברוכים הבאים with cute motions to welcome our guests and כתה ג' sang a beautiful song about רעבעצין ח' מושקא. 

We then watched a video (below) that all the Chaya Mushkas at Cheder Chabad made speaking about their special name and their hope to emulate the legacy of Rebetzin Chaya Mushka.

The women were very impressed with our beautiful students. They gave out 2 special treats that they brought specially for us from Russia.

The girls went back to their classrooms and they learned בחברותה about Rebbetzin Chaya Mushka. It was a real נחת to see the older students learning with younger ones with such אהבת ישראל.

After that the girls made arts and crafts connected to the name מושקא. מושקא means “good smell.” The younger grades made a בשמים arts and crafts and the older grades made a beautiful potpourri hanger to use in their closets.

Thank you Mrs. Rosenbluh for organizing this beautiful event.