Monday, February 13, 2012

Building Health Awareness at Cheder Chabad

This past Sunday, the PTA of Cheder Chabad boys held their monthly Sunday program. In conjunction with Tu B’Shvat and in an effort to promote healthy eating habits, the program was designed to demonstrate to the children how healthy and nutritious food can taste good and be fun and exciting to create.

Each student had the opportunity to create and custom design their own gourmet popcorn and make smoothies according to their own tastes and fancies. With an impressive array of spices, berries, cocoa powder, vanilla essence , nuts and other seasonings the boys first designed their own bag with a logo and brand name for their individual popcorn flavors. An array of fresh fruits let the boys design their own distinctive smoothie flavor.

While half of the school was involved in the popcorn production and seasonings the other half was busy discovering just how delicious milk can be when mixed with fresh and healthy fruits!

Using the recently purchased Magic Bullets smoothie makers, the boys discovered the subtle differences and tastes of smoothies using bananas, strawberries, apples, nectarines and blueberries.

The PTA are very excited about the prospect of having a smoothie day on a regular basis, whereby the boys will be empowered to make their own fresh fruit concoctions which will be healthy, nutritious and delicious! Thank you to all the moms involved, particularly Mrs. Karen Schild, Mrs. Michal Silverstein (who worked behind the scenes), Mrs. Bassie Friedman, Mrs Chaya Niasoff and Mrs Bracha Meshchaninov.

Special thanks to the 7th grade boys for helping the younger grades cut the fruit and blend the smoothies.