Sunday, November 6, 2011

Chanuka Events

Mark your calendar!

The annual Monsey Menorah Parade will take place on Wednesday evening, December 21.

There will be an 8th Day concert on Thursday evening, December 22.

Mazel Tov Oberlanders!

Rabbi Lesches making a bracha under the Chupa at the Oberlander and Meisels wedding last week.

Photo: Hirshel Rosenbluh

monseyouth Gets Yahadus Textbooks

Thans to Reb Itche Noach Zeiler and Reb Aron Gleyzer for sponsoring Yahadus textbooks to monseyouth.

The Yahadus curriculum goes through the Mitzvos of the Rambam in a thorough manner using various teaching methods.

It will be used in the 5th grade classroom to enhance the boys knowledge and excitement in fulfilling Mitzvos!