Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Best Wishes for a Freilichin Yom Tov!

The Rebbe with the Torah he would dance with on Simchas Torah.

Monsey Man Dies in Shed Collapse

By Laura Incalcaterra, The Journal News

RAMAPO — Raymond Mundy, the longtime president of the Hudson Valley Humane Society, was killed Tuesday when the roof of a shed he was renovating collapsed on top of him.

Mundy, 68, had been seen by neighbors working on the building, which sat adjacent to his large, white home on Route 306 in the unincorporated section of Ramapo. The road was closed for several hours for an investigation.

Ann Marie Gaudio, executive vice president of the Hudson Valley Humane Society, knew Mundy for more than a dozen years.

"Everyone who knew Ray is devastated," Gaudio said. "We lost a superior human being. We lost someone who really believed in empathy — empathy for animals, empathy for people. The man had a heart of gold."
Mundy had called his wife, Judy, on Tuesday afternoon to tell her he was going out to work on the shed. She found Mundy pinned under the collapsed building when she returned from work later in the day.

Several neighbors expressed sadness about Mundy's death, with one recalling how Mundy had helped turn on electricity for him after the Jewish Sabbath began. Another neighbor, Zishe Miller, said Mundy had happily let others place lights along a path that passed through his property and served as a shortcut connecting neighborhoods.

"He was the nicest guy," Miller said.

David Moscowitz, a neighbor of Mundy's for 10 years, said that he saw Mundy working on the shed and that about 90 minutes before police arrived, he had walked by the home and seen the collapsed roof; he had no idea Mundy had been caught underneath.

"He was a good neighbor," Moscowitz said.

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Photo: Peter Carr, The Journal News

L'shana Tova U'Mesuka!

Beloved Gabbai of Tzemach Tzedek, Hirshel Rosenbluh, giving out apples dipped in honey to the late night Tehilim sayers at Tzemach Tzedek on Hashanah Rabbah as is the custom.

Photos: Tzili Ehrenreich

Seeking Bochurim for Yom Tov

A Chabad house that is approximately 30 minutes away from Monsey is looking for 2 bochurim for Shmini Azeres and Simchas Torah to help the shul with dancing and mivtzoim.

Transportation will be provided. Younger bochurim also great!

Please call 845-664-5141.

Reminder - Make Eruv Tavshilin Today

This is a friendly reminder to make an Erev Tavshilin today, Erev Shmini Atzeres. For instructions, click here.

For the complete Tzemach Tzedek Sukkos schedule, please click here.

Art Show

There will be an Art Show at the JCC all of this month with a reception on October 25 from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM in the Schwartz Family Social Room. Some of the art will be available for sale.

Welcome Rottenfelds!

Welcome to Reb Michoel Rottenfeld and family on their move to our community (Dennis Court, Chestnut Ridge)!