Thursday, June 23, 2011

Rabbi Wiener Joins Lubavitch Day Camp

Lubavitch Day Camp is proud to announce that Rabbi Moshe Wiener will be on site for the first session of the summer!

Rabbi Wiener has been very involved and instrumental in designing a learning program and curriculum for the campers of LDC.

His unique and creative ways of motivating talmidim to learn in classroom settings and beyond will certainly make a most meaningful experience for the campers.

Please email for the LDC Parent Handbook.

Tzemach Tzedek Seeking Kiddush Co-Sponsor

If you would like the zechus of co-sponsoring the Kiddush-Farbrengen this Shabbos, Shabbos Mevorchim, at Tzemach Tzedek, please contact

Kesser Weekly Specials

Buy by the case and save! The Kesser Distributors specials for this week are:

Chicken Wings - $0.99 per pound
Hot Dogs - $2.69 per pound
Rib Steaks - $8.99 per pound

For the complete poultry price list please click here.

For the complete meat price list please click here.

To order, please contact Chaim Holtzberg at or 914-729-0838.

Flooded Monsey Streets Today

For more pictures, click here.

Rabbi Lesches at Chabad on Campus Kinus

Rabbi Lesches giving a shiur at the Chabad on Campus Kinus HaShluchim this week. The Rav gave halacha shiurim to the Shluchim and Shluchus respectively as well as answered many individual shailos.

Simpson Upshernish

Rabbi Benyomin and Lakey Simpson invite all to the Upshernish of their son Chaim this Sunday, 24 Sivan (June 26), between 2:00 and 4:00 PM at their home, 30 South Monsey Road. Please park on Regina Road.

Kahn Shalom Zachor & Bris

Dov Ber and Bassie Kahn will be making a Shalom Zachor for their newborn son this Friday night at their home, 41 Park Lane.

The Bris will take place this Monday at Tzemach Tzedek following the 8:00 AM Shacharis minyan.