Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Voters Approve Finkelstein Library Budget

By Khurram Saeed, The Journal News

SPRING VALLEY — Voters approved a $7.3 million budget Monday for the Finkelstein Memorial Library's 2011-12 year.

The budget was resoundingly approved by a vote of 782-229, said Bob Devino, library director.

Library Trustee Richard Rothbard, the president of the board of directors, was re-elected to a five-year term with 685 votes. He ran unopposed.

The 2011-12 budget is about $118,000 higher than the current spending plan, which represents a 1.7 percent increase.

That $118,000 figure also is how much more the library needs to collect in taxes next year.

That means the owner of a single-family home in the East Ramapo school district assessed at $56,000, and with a fair market value of $395,000, will pay an extra $5.24 in taxes. The library's fiscal year begins July 1 and will end June 30, 2012.

Library officials have said the additional money will be used to buy more books and other materials, pay an additional $20,000 into the state's retirement system, and cover rising insurance costs. All of the library's 129 employees, 45 of whom are full-timers, will have their salaries and wages frozen.

Kalman Weber, the head of the Southeast Ramapo Taxpayers Association, which helped defeat the library's budget in the past, called this year's version "reasonable" and said it wouldn't actively ask its supporters to vote against it.

Finkelstein's budget was last defeated in 2008.

Finkelstein, the largest library in Rockland and in the Ramapo Catskill Library System, serves a population of about 100,000 in the East Ramapo school district.

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