Thursday, February 10, 2011

Bikur Cholim

Rabbi Moshe Smith is currently in Good Samaritan Hospital in room 346. He can be reached at 845-368-8346.

Morristown Cheder Chinese Auction

Cheder Lubavitch of Morristown will be having its 9th Chinese Auction including for the first time, Café Cheder, on Motzei Shabbos, February 26th.

It will be a wonderful evening of tantalizing food, relaxing ambiance and great entertainment by the hysterically funny Comedienne Leah Forster. You will also be able to view prizes, put in your ticket selections and hear the auction winners announced live.

Check out the amazing prizes like a trip to Israel, a human hair sheitel, Macbook Air computer, an Ipad, a I’coo stroller, a $300 Amazon gift card, just to name a few, at

Order now to take advantage of the early bird specials and discount ticket packages and get $200 worth of tickets for only $100.

MBCM 2011 Production - Shores of Hope