Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cheder's Got Rhythm

This past Sunday the Cheder PTA organized two exciting programs in the boys school, to get into the mood of Chodesh Adar.

Under the leadership of the very talented and dynamic, professionally trained musician and board certified music therapist Moshe Sobol and in the spirit of מרבים בשמחה, the boys had an unique musical experience. With Moshe directing the boys, who each were given their own bongo drum, the boys felt first-hand the joy of participating in and creating musical harmony! The boys also learnt what rhythm was all about and how different types of drums and chimes work and how to follow musical instructions. The children also drummed to the tunes of different Adar nigunim that they happily sang with a great deal of ruach and excitement.

The Cheder boys also shared their simcha with others who might not be as connected to their Yiddishkeit and are away from home and family. Joining in with the special “Kosher Troops” program , started by a local Monsey mother, they made special Purim masks with messages on them that are being sent to Jewish soldiers in the US military.

Special thanks to Mrs. Bracha Meshchaninov and Mrs. Michal Silverstein for coordinating the event and to Mrs. Rochel Leah Ash and Mrs. Yocheved Rapoport for assisting with the mask project. Thanks also go to Mr. Ilya Meshchaninov for his help in transporting over 50 drums!



MBCM Seeking Props

MBCM is looking for some props to be used in their upcoming production. We are looking for a: small couch, wood chairs, armchair, coffee table, rug and bookshelf.

The items do not need to be in good condition. To donate, please call Chaya at 845-598-7120 and leave a message.

Cheder Participates in Menachem Education Foundation