Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cheder to Upgrade Mishloach Manos Project

Cheder Chabad of Monsey will soon be announcing a new and significantly upgraded Mishloach Manos project for this year!

This year’s Purim project will include:
  • Achdus Purim baskets for your family and friends!
  • New user-friendly web-based program for orders - quick and easy to save you time and allow for a stress-free process!
  • Everyone can participate within their own budget starting at only $4 per name! A minimum number of names will be required and the cost per family will decrease as your recipient list grows.
  • Orders can be processed either via the web using your personal login (which will be mailed to each Cheder parent) and your credit card, or by handwritten forms with prepaid payment.
  • Program will enable you to send Mishloach Manos to Rebbeim, teachers, staff, board members, and friends in a very beautiful personalized manner, with your own special greeting!
  • The substantial Mishloach Manos will be elegantly packaged with a surprise theme!
  • Stay tuned for more information!
Please contact Rabbi Yossi or Sara Michal Touger at with any questions or to volunteer to work on the Purim Project!

Early Shacharis on Friday

Because of Rosh Chodesh, Shacharis at Tzemach Tzedek this Friday will begin at 6:45 AM. The Tanya shiur will take place at 6:30 AM as usual.

The second minyan will begin at 8:00 AM as always.

MBCM Incentive Grant Extended Until Shabbos

The deadline for the Monsey Beis Chaya Mushka Matching Incentive Grant has been extended until this Shabbos. Please contact Rabbi Kagan at 845-538-7484 or with your pledge today!