Friday, January 14, 2011

Rosh Chodesh Shvat at Cheder Chabad Girls & Preschool

In חודש שבט, we at the Cheder Girls school the buckled our seatbelts and were on our way.

“Where to?”, everyone wondered!

Well, these were the clues. First we made everyone’s eyes look oriental. Then the older grades were given Sudoku puzzles. Chaya Liberow and Sarah’le Simon were the first to figure it out. Lastly and most excitingly we made candy sushi. Yes, you guessed.

Off to Japan we are traveling!

In Japan learning is taken very seriously and they work very hard to achieve their goals. In חודש שבט the חודש that the Rebbe accepted the נשיאות, he began teaching us the חסידים so much and continued throughout the years. We must try our best to learn the רבי'ס שיחות and of course internalize them. We also must work very hard to reach the goal of bringing משיח now!

Cheder Preschool Learns Fire Safety

Thanks to the dedicated volunteers of the Spring Valley Fire Department for coming to Cheder Chabad to speak to the preschool classes about fire safety!

Following an interesting and informative talk about fire safety, the children then went outside and saw a real fire truck with lights flashing and all the equipment that the firemen use to extinguish a fire. Each child got a a gift package containing a fire safety coloring book with crayons and a badge.