Thursday, December 23, 2010

Finish Your Learning Early on Friday

As per the custom to not study Torah on the eve of December 25, remember to finish your daily shiurim of Chitas and Rambam either prior to Shkia at 4:32 PM or after Chatzos at 11:40 PM tomorrow, Friday.

Snood sale at NaturalWigs

This embellishment combines elegance and the latest headwear fashion.
This is a head covering for women who want to add a buzz to their head wrap collection. $18 (normally $24) for 1st snood, $17 for 2nd, $16 for 3rd.

Beautifully embellished with a beaded and jeweled paisley like design.
Beading has a black-gray hue to it. Classic and dressy! Feminine and Chic. $18 (normally $24) for 1st snood, $17 for 2nd, $16 for 3rd.

Please email your order to and let us know that you saw the sale ad on Monsey Blog to get discount or stop by on Sunday, December 26th, between 11:00 AM and 1:00 PM at 16 East Willow Tree Road (side entrance, down the steps).