Wednesday, December 15, 2010

First Zumba Class a Success

A group of Monsey women really enjoyed the first Zumba dance class that took place last night with certified Zumba instructor Chaya Malk.

In Zumba, each participant works to her own capacity so while the class was challenging it was easy to follow and included fast-paced and bold break-dancing style movements.

Some of the comments overheard following the class included, "I never sweat this much!", "Oh, this was fun!", and "Wow, what a workout!".

The next class will take place this Tuesday, December 21, at 8:00 PM in the gym of the Cheder Chabad girls building. For only $10 you can let go of all stress, burn unwanted calories, and support the Cheder! Please help spread the word about this class!

Rabbi Markowitz in Chevron

Rabbi Markowitz celebrating (and doing his famous hat switch) at the Bar Mitzvah of Meni Cohen, son of the Shliach to Chevron, Rabbi Danny Cohen, which took place this week in the holy city of Chevron. Rabbi Markowitz is on a trip to Brazil and Israel where he is speaking, farbrenging and counseling many communities and individuals.