Friday, December 10, 2010

Cheder Seventh Grade Boys Talent Show

Chanukah at Cheder Chabad Boys

Since Rosh Chodesh Teves fell out during Chanukah and since there was no school on the closest Sunday to Rosh Chodesh, the PTA Sunday Rosh Chodesh Program for the boys Cheder took place on Tuesday and Wednesday, the sixth and seventh days of Chanukah.

Once again the boys were actively involved in skills they don't usually get to exercise. In the case of the older boys, baking, following recipes and creating great icing concoctions. For the younger boys, the kids had a wonderful time creating dreidels and making doughnuts.

A big thank you to Rabbi Shmuel Rimler and Mrs. Michal Rimler for organizing and orchestrating the doughnut bake for the older grades and to Mrs. Chaya Niasoff and Mrs. Dalia Cohen for organizing the program for the younger grades!

Cheder Boys Bring Joy of Chanukah to Seniors

The fifth grade choir and the sixth grade drama group ofCcheder Chabad Boys conducted a spectacular ceremony at the Friedwald Home for Chanukah.

Spreading the joy of Chanuka to the elderly Jews is a passion of the students at Cheder Chabad. The sixth graders were so infused with enthusiasm that they wrote a play, practiced the acts, and created costumes. It was a real hit!

The fifth grade students provided great entertainment with an organized choir and talented soloists. We received much positive feedback, like smiles, applause and cheers.

Chabad JEC Celebrates Chanukah with Pearl River's Rotary Club

By Sam Schaeffer, New City Patch

Dozens gathered Tuesday evening at Braunsdorf Park in downtown Pearl River for the annual Chabad JEC public menorah lighting.

The 14-foot menorah has been lit for each night of Hanukkah to remind the community about Hanukkah and what it represents. The Chabad JEC, located in Chestnut Ridge, organizes the celebration in Pearl River, Piermont, Nyack and Chestnut Ridge.

Pearl River's celebration goes off with the help of Pearl River's Rotary Club. They were initially responsible for supplying the menorah, and now take charge of putting it up and taking it down.

Leading the lighting was Rabbi Ehrenreich of the Chabbad JEC and joining him was Rabbi Pernick of Pearl River's Beth Am Temple.

"It's a beautiful evening," said Ehrenreich. "It's always cold but the light of the menorah dispels all cold."

Ehrenreich opened the celebration by speaking about Hanukkah and this celebration in particular. Pernick then took over to lead the group in blessings. It was then time for the lighting of the candles, which he placed high atop the menorah from his precarious perch on a ladder to conclude the ceremony. Throughout the ceremony, hot cider and some treats were available to keep the cold at bay.

In addition to Ehrenreich and Pernick, braving the cold for the ceremony were members of Pearl River's Rotary Club, congregants of the Beth Am Temple and of the Chabad JEC, other residents, and local dignitaries.

Pamela Sitomer of Nanuet, deputy town clerk for Clarkstown, regularly comes to the lighting as a member of the Beth Am Temple. "[My family] always looks forward to this. It's a very nice evening, always very cold, but we keep each other warm," she said.

Also in attendance was former president of the Rotary Club, Jay Helman. Helman was responsible for providing the first menorah, which stood 9 feet tall. However, after it got knocked down three times, Helman said they couldn't repair it anymore, and so they had to get the money together for another one. After hearing about it, the community reached out and people pooled their money together to get the new menorah as it stands today.

"Lighting up our menorah teaches us that light wins over might," said Ehrenreich. "If we're ever in a tough spot and want to get out... bringing a little bit of light will help us."

Photo: Alexandra Wren