Thursday, December 9, 2010

Please Come Out in Support of Bonei Olam

Dear Friends,

It is with great pleasure that we take this opportunity to personally invite you to the upcoming Bonei Olam Rockland County Communities' Dinner, which will take place אי"ה on Sunday, December 19, 2010 at Ateres Charna, 790 North Main Street Spring Valley .

Although donations of any amount will be greatly appreciated there is no reservation needed and no minimum donation required to attend the dinner.

Men and women are invited. It is imperative for as many people as possible to attend the dinner to show support and hakaras hatov to all the medical volunteers who will be attending.

There will be open seating and designated tables for people who daven at Tzemach Tzedek and Beis Menachem. The dinner is called for 5:30 PM and will end before 9:00 PM. Yehuda Green will be entertaining.

Bonei Olam was founded 10 years ago on the premise of providing financial support to Jewish couples faced with the trials of infertility. This organization is run by dedicated volunteers who give countless hours of their time in order to raise funds to ease the burden of childless couples.

In addition to standard and advanced fertility treatments, Bonei Olam is on the forefront of assisting pre- and post- cancer patients to preserve their chances of starting a family of their own. Bonei Olam guides women who are experiencing high-risk pregnancies, and recently they have become involved with genetics, thus helping countless couples with genetic diagnoses and treatments, enabling them to conceive healthy children.

Bonei Olam is an organization which has provided much dedication and support to our own Lubavitch community and to Shluchim worldwide.

Therefore, on behalf of the Lubavitch community of greater Monsey, we have agreed to be hosts at this year’s dinner.

Please click here for an ad blank to show your support for one or all of the dedicated volunteers and askanim who have invested so much time and effort to help Bonei Olam continue to be there for the Rockland County community, and for communities around the world. Please join us in supporting this vital mission.

We look forward to greeting you at the dinner personally.


Mr. and Mrs. Hershel and Chaya Rosenbluh
Rabbi and Mrs. Avrohom and Baily Wolowik

Gartel Gemach

It is understandable if you got tied up after borrowing a gartel from Rabbi Shusterman's shtender and forgot to return it. People get wrapped up all the time. But now that you are reminded please return it so others can enjoy the benefits of this gemach!

Mazel Tov Webbs!

Mazel tov to Tzvi and Chaya Webb on the birth of a granddaughter born to Loozy and Rochel Fisch of Los Angeles!

Chanukah at RCC

A crowd of 70 people braved the freezing cold and strong winds to watch the grand menorah lighting which preceded the annual Chanukah party at RCC. Those in attendance included current and past students as well as professors, staff and both the Dean and President of RCC.

The menorah was recently upgraded and this year it stood proudly in a most central location, right in the middle of the college, standing an impressive twelve feet high. Moshe Reitman, who helped assemble and secure the menorah, was honored with the lighting in honor of his recent 60th birthday. The crowd listened to Rabbi Dov Oliver, director of the Center for Jewish Life at RCC, as he explained the story and significance of Chanukah and then joined in singing the Brochas and traditional Chanukah songs.

Following the lighting everyone went into the inviting warm building where they were treated to a dairy buffet dinner replete with all the delicious Chanukah repasts.

Entertainment was in the form of a magic show by Shloime Notik aka "the Magic of Solomon". Notik proved to be not only a great magic act but his antics and humor caused the crowd to repeatedly break out in raucous laughter as the joy of Chanukah was powerfully felt throughout the room.

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