Friday, December 3, 2010

Cheder Update & New Matching Grant

Dear Cheder Chabad of Monsey Family and Friends:

I would like to wish to each and all a Frielichin Chanukah! At this auspicious time related to chinuch, I want to give you with an in-depth report of my findings on recent site visits to our boys' and girls' Cheder. What I found was too much for me to keep to myself - please see below for my report.

In addition, I provide you in the report with an update on the Cheder's financial state and describe the efforts to remedy the situation.

As part of the overall plan that I hope and pray will pull the Cheder out of danger, I hereby announce the launch of a new matching fund - the first in over eight months - as one part of a program to ensure the Cheder's doors remain open.

Effective immediately through December 31st, you are invited to participate in the Avraham & Devorah [Hayman] & Yisroel & Rivkah [Schulman] Matching Fund.

For every amount you donate to the A & D and Y & R Matching Fund between now and December 31st, from $100 through $999, the amount will be matched dollar for dollar and the full amount donated to the Cheder. For every amount donated from $1,000 up to and including $2,000, the amount will be matched two dollars for every one dollar. For example, if you donate $100, the Cheder will receive an additional $100 from the A & D and Y & R Matching Fund; if you donate $1,000, the Cheder will receive $3,000; if you donate $2,000, the Cheder will receive $6,000 ($4,000 from the A & D and Y & R Matching Fund).

The idea and structure of this matching fund was developed by Avraham & Devorah Hayman in whose merit our community continues to grow and thrive. The A & D and Y & R Matching Fund is launched at this auspicious time when it is a Jewish custom of the highest order to give Chanukah gelt. All donations are tax deductible and it is our wish that your donation will positively affect your tax obligation while helping the Cheder.

All the best,
Yisroel Schulman
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Parade & Menorah Lighting Photos Make The Journal News

Photo Credits: Vincent DiSalvio for The Journal News

Mazel Tov Holtsbergs!

Mazel tov to Chaim and Sara Holtsberg on the Bar Mitzvah of their son Moshe Tzvi!

May Moshe Tzvi continue growing into a Chosid, Yirei Shomayim and Lamden!

Chabad Lights Public Menorah in Piermont

More than 50 people joined the 3rd annual public Menorah lighting in front of the
Piermont Village Hall last night.

The Shammes was lit by Piermont Mayor Chris Sanders and the Brachos were said by Rockland County Judge Charles Apothoker who lit the Menorah. Brief remarks were made by Carol Blau, President Jewish Federation of Rockland County and by Rabbi Chaim Zvi Ehrenreich of Chabad JEC.
L-R Carol Blau, President Rockland Jewish Federation, Piermont Mayor Chris Sanders, Rabbi Chaim Zvi Ehrenreich of Chabad JEC