Friday, November 12, 2010

Sewing and Growing

Are you ready for more sewing? We are starting our second year of courses!

The Winky Cherry System of teaching young children to sew is a unique program that teaches children to “hand sew,” reinforces basic small motor skills, while making new friends in a calm and structured atmosphere.

Self confidence and satisfaction reward the child with a finished project to take home and there is a feeling of accomplishment.

The course of 6 classes for girls is taught by Devorah Sandler a degreed fashion designer from Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising.

Program highlights:
* Small group size
* Concentration
* Commitment
* Coordination
* Completion

For more information or to sign up contact Devorah at 845-406-3929 or email Space is limited!

Shusterman L'chaim

For more pictures click here.

Daily Davening Times for Tzemach Tzedek

Beginning next week the daily Mincha minyan at Tzemach Tzedek will take place at 4:15 PM and remain at that time through December 31.

The first Maariv minyan will remain at 6:45 PM through the duration of the winter.

The following is the updated daily schedule:

Shacharis 1: 7:00 AM
Shacharis 2: 8:00 AM
Mincha: 4:15 PM (through December 31)
Maariv 1: 6:45 PM (for the remainder of the winter)
Maariv 2: 9:30 PM

Sunday - Shacharis 1: 8:00 AM
Sunday - Shacharis 2: 9:00 AM