Monday, September 6, 2010

Farbrengen Tomorrow Night

There will be a farbrengen tomorrow night, Tuesday, following the 9:30 PM Maariv minyan in honor of the birthday of the third Lubavitcher Rebbe, the Tzemach Tzedek, in 1789.

Donate Your Old Candle Light Magnets to Cheder Chabad

Now that everyone in the community has received their new 5771 magnetic Lubavitch Lichtbenshing Charts, what to do with the old ones?

The answer is easy: donate the the old magnetic charts to Cheder Chabad
of Monsey, via Morah Esther Jacobs!

Morah Jacobs' pre-school class will happily recycle all of your no-longer-relevant magnetic charts into works of art and practical creativity.

Kindly set them aside and drop them off at the Cheder Girls' School, 246 North Main Street, Spring Valley or at the Jacobs' home at 16 Glenbrook Road, Monsey (off Forshay Road).

Kaparos on Tzom Gedelya

Once again, there will be Kaparos available for our community this Sunday, Tzom Gedalya, September 12, between 1:00 PM and 5:30 PM in the parking lot of the Pupa Girls School (and Cheder girls), 246 North Main Street in Spring Valley.

Cost is $10 per chicken. As per Health Department regulation the Shechita will not take place on site. Please note that this year there will be no central Monsey Kaparos as in the past.

For more information, please contact

Monsey Women Welcome Rubashkins

Last night, more than forty women from the greater Monsey community gathered at the home of Devorah Goldstein to welcome Mrs. Leah Rubashkin and her family, who have recently moved here from Postville, Iowa.

Mrs. Chaya Werner opened the evening by sharing her thoughts on the tremendous achdus that the challenges of Reb Sholom Mordechai HaLevi ben Rivkah have brought to Klal Yisroel, as well as memories of the early years of Chabad in Monsey.

Mrs. Rubashkin spoke of the many nissim and chassadim that they have experienced as a family over the past few years, and midway through her talk, all were surprised when her cell phone rang, and it was Sholom Mordechai himself! On speakerphone, he wished all Monsey Anash a Kesiva V'Chasima Tova and a Gut Gebentched Yahr!

Those moments of direct connection were especially meaningful for the attendees, who ended the evening by completing the entire Sefer Tehillim together and enjoying a dessert buffet.

All attendees really enjoyed the divrei chizuk in advance of the Yomim Noraim and look forward to welcoming the entire Rubashkin family together soon.

Welcome Rimlers!

Welcome to Shmuel and Michal Rimler on their move to our community (Spring Rock Place)!

Mazel Tov Selingers - L'chaim Tonight!

Mazel tov to Shmuel and Aleezah Selinger on the engagement of their daughter Dina to Josh Roth of Brooklyn!

The l'chaim will take place tonight, Monday, September 6, at 8:00 PM at the Roth home, 1421 41st Street in Brooklyn.