Thursday, September 2, 2010

Heichal Menachem Yomim Noraim Schedule

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Seeking Couple for Rosh Hashana & Hebrew School Teacher

Seeking Couple for Rosh Hashana:
Do you want to spend Rosh Hashana in a hotel with all your meals catered and taken care of for you?

Chabad of Suffern is looking for a couple to join our staff at the Holiday Inn of Suffern to run a teen program for parts of davening.

If you are interested please let us know asap at or call 845-368-1889.

Seeking Hebrew School Teacher:
Chabad of Suffern is also looking for a Hebrew School teacher for a 7th grade class.

The class meets on Wednesday from 3:00 to 5:00 PM at the Suffern Middle School. Prepared curriculum, a lot of fun, great class.

Please let me know if you are interested or call 845-368-1889.

Farbrengen to Welcome New Shluchim to YMMLM

There will be a Bruchim Haboim farbrengen tonight, Thursday, September 2, at 8:30 PM at Tzemach Tzedek to welcome the new Shluchim who will be spending the 5771 year at Yeshivas Menachem Mendel Lubavitch of Monsey.

The new Shluchim from Oholei Torah are:
Eliyahu Parks, Levi Kirshenberg, Yitzchak Kenar, Chanoch Rosenfeld, Ahraon Rabinowitz and Menachem Mendel Rice.