Thursday, August 12, 2010

Guest Lecturer for Women This Shabbos

Noted psychologist and lecturer, Mrs. Zipporah Oliver, who is visiting from Australia, will be giving a shiur for women this Shabbos afternoon on the topic of Elul-Insights - How to Understand and Make the Most of this Powerful Month.

The shiur will take place this shabbos afternoon, Parshas Shoftim, at 5:00 PM, at the home of Miriam Tyberg, 7 Pleasant Ridge Road.

All women and older girls are invited and encouraged to participate!

Seeking Driver

Looking for resposible driver who could drive a UHaul to help move from Boston to Monsey on August 31st. Please call 845-362-1374 for more information.

An Evening of Appreciation to Karen Schild

In a beautiful expression of Hakaros HaTov the women of the community surprised Mrs. Karen Schild last night with an evening of appreciation where she was presented with a generous gift as a small token of appreciation for her amazing work that benefits the community.

Karen, through her chesed project Shifra & Puah, has been arranging meals for many years for mothers of newborns, and other families who may be otherwise occupied, in our community. As the community has grown so has Karen’s workload. Her selflessness and dedication to this beautiful project are a tremendous inspiration.

Thanks to Baila Wasserman for organizing the evening, Devorah Goldstein for hosting it, Naamah Freundlich for the heartwarming poem and to all who brought food and refreshments!

A Wonderful Friend
By Naama Freundlich

We gather here tonight in honor of a special friend
No matter her hectic day her hand she will always lend
She feeds all her friends with simcha on her face
A tremendous amount of toil she will happily embrace
She is our Shifra & Puah a mother, wife, and friend
As if she has the extra time on us she will spend
Whom do we speak about with glory and praise
Karen Schild all of us you constantly amaze
Through sickness, shiva, new home or tired from child birth stuck in bed
With your help we are guaranteed our family will be fed
You know most o Anash by name and number
Collecting your booty of delicious baked wonder
You call, you request, never placing any stress
So that every Kimpetur will have of the best
And if chas v’shalom your food count runs short
Then you always supplement with goodies from your own freezer fort
With an enormous task you continue with such grace to do
We would like to show our appreciation for someone so valued as you
Karen, you inspire, amaze and bedazzle
While looking so lovely without any frazzle
So tonight we unify to say “yasher koach!”
THANK YOU so much from our laiv to our moach
We are so proud of you, you are a true inspiration
A prime example of an Aishes chayil of this nation
May Hashem always bless you and your family with good health to inspire
May your continued mitzvos buil our Beis HaMikdash wall higher
May all of Monsey Anash follow your lead
And with goodness and kindness bring Moshiach with speed!

Seeking Volunteers for Tomorrow

If you are available tomorrow, Friday, to sit outside Wesley Kosher and Ivy Nails on Saddle River Road to get votes for the Cheder Kohls campaign it would be greatly appreciated!

We are looking to fill the time slots of 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM and 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM for both locations.

Please call Rivkah Schulman at 845-406-3288.

Women's Meeting for Kohls Contest

There will be in important meeting for women to strategize and plan the Cheder Kohl’s campaign this Motzai Shabbos, Parshas Shoftim, August 14, at 9:30 PM at the home of Adine Lipszyc, 21 Brockton Road. Please make every effort to participate!

If we all contribute we can win this for our school and our children!

Please continue helping to spread the word about voting at or to go directly to the Facebook voting page.

Mazel Tov Kinds!

Mazel tov to Chaim and Sara Kind on the recent birth of a baby boy!

Shifra and Puah arranges homemade meals from people in the community for mothers of newborn children from our community. If you are able to cook a meal, please contact Karen Schild at 845-354-4898 or

An Open Letter to the Women of the Community from Bracha Meshchaninov


I hope that you are enjoying the last few weeks of summer and that it has given you an opportunity to have fun, bond with your families and get some much needed relaxation. Now that we are in Elul the weather is changing in subtle ways and thoughts of the New Year do start to present themselves. I want to take this opportunity to invite all members of the community to participate in our shiurim that will take place in my home b’ezrat Hashem every Wednesday morning at 10:30 am and encourage you to commit now to making a space in your weekly schedule to do so. The shiur offers not only meaningful, relevant and inspiring learning, but also a great social opportunity to meet other women, exchange ideas and experiences and grow together in a supportive learning based spiritual community.

B’ezrat Hashem, we will be starting off our learning together with the school year, making the first class Sep 1st or the 22nd of Elul.

I am looking forward to sharing Torah learning and growing with you; if for whatever reason you would like to participate in the learning but cannot attend the actual real live shiur on a Wednesday morning, I will be loading the classes every week onto my website: and there you will be able to click on a link to hear the shiur.

Of course, listening online will exclude the possibility of live participation, but you will still get the benefit of hearing the information. Unfortunately the link does not stay effective indefinitely and for that reason last year’s classes are no longer available. I hope to upgrade my technical skills to be able to create an archive of old classes with a better method of access but for the meantime the links are effective for a couple of months.

The website will also be a source of information regarding the evening educational and social events that we will be having, b”ezrat Hashem during the course of the year.

So, mark off your calenders now, making sure to save a weekly Wednesday spot… and I hope to see you September 1st.

Till then, make the most out of the opportunity Elul presents. According to Torah, Elul offers us an unique opportunity for Tshuvah, a return to the inner wholeness, beauty and potential of our own soul and it’s innate connection with the Divine. Tshuvah is the healing and letting go of what keeps us separate from others and from Hashem and from being who we really are. So try to hear the shofar every day and allow its sound to resonate within you and “return to the land of your soul!”



Unique Opportunity

Rabbi Mendel Polter, the Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshivas Menachem Mendel Lubavitch of Monsey, has a limited amount of time that he is able to make available to learn with individual 7th or 8th grade students to prepare them for Mesivta level learning.

If interested, please call Miss Rosenthal in the Mesivta’s administrative office at 212-613-5000 extension 5077.

Our Anash Community - A Letter from Rabbi Z.L. Markowitz

Rabbi Zalmen Leib Markowitz
24 Briarcliff Drive
Monsey, New York 10952

ראש חודש אלול תש''ע
Dear Anash, שיחיו

Boruch Hashem, over the last few years our community has seen a tremendous amount of growth. In the last year alone more than 25 Lubavitch families have chosen the greater Monsey area as the place to live and raise their children and a number of new families are scheduled to move in over the next few weeks.

Our community is blessed with many advantages:
  • We have a widely respected Rav of the highest caliber, Rabbi Lesches, Shlita.
  • We have a substantial amount of Bnei Torah, Melamdim, Talmidei Chachamin and talented men and women amongst our Anash who are able to benefit our community by teaching, inspiring, etc.
  • We have a large and diverse group of Baale Batim all of whom are eagerly looking to grow in their Yiddishkeit and Chassidishkeit.
  • We have thriving Shuls - Beis Menachem, Chabad of South Monsey, Tzemach Tzedek, Nusach Ari, etc. - all of which have increasing amounts of young families.
  • We have growing Chabad Mosdos for all ages as well as tzedakah and chesed organizations catering to our community.
Recently many young families have reached out expressing an interest in growing in their Yiddishkeit, both as individuals and as a family unit. Many are also looking to work on improving their involvement in the chinuch of their children especially during these important formative years.

As such, a committee of Yungeleit representing the different Shuls, including Yona Abenson, Aroni Chein, Mendi Labkowski, Avraham Polinger, Yossel Sirota and Avi Weinstein, is forming with the goal of actively increasing shiurim, farbrengens, chinuch and shalom bayis lectures and other inspiring activities to strengthen ourselves and our families in Avodas Hashem, Limud HaTorah and hiskashrus to the Rebbe.

The committee will also be working on activities and events with the aim of strengthening the sense of achdus in our community.

Your input is valuable! Every person's contribution makes a difference! If you have any ideas or would like to get involved in this project please email

Being that we are already in the month of Elul approaching the Yomim Noraim it is a most auspicious time to begin such a great endeavor and I hope to be able to update you shortly with the information of our first event.

May the hachlata itself that we take in doing this, bring us the ultimate results of the גאולה האמיתית והשלימה תיכף ומיד ממש

בברכת כתיבה וחתימה טובה לשנה טובה ומתוקה

Zalmen Leib Markowitz

Apartment for Rent Near Tzemach Tzedek

A large legal recently-built 2 bedroom apartment is available for rent on Underwood Road in the Concord neighborhood of Monsey which is very close to Tzemach Tzedek.

The spacious and sunlit apartment is on a first floor (not a basement) and has 2 full baths, living room/dining room, large eat-in Kosher kitchen, lots of closets, central air, private entrance, spot lights and a lovely breakfast nook with lots of windows.

Click here for photos.

Suitable for single or couple. Also suitable for wheelchair access. Asking $1,800 per month plus utilities.

For more information please call 845-216-4512.

Monsey Mechanchim Participate in Men's Chinuch Conference

Rabbi Avremel Wolowick and Cheder Chabad of Monsey Melamdim participated in the Ninth Annual Kinus HaMechanchim organized by the Merkos Chinuch Office this week. They joined nearly 100 Chabad Mechanchim from around North America at the Radisson Hotel in Piscataway, New Jersey for two days of lectures, workshops, inspiration and camaraderie.