Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Gimmel Tammuz at Cheder Chabad Boys

The atmosphere in חדר was one of excitement and inspiration! The מלמדים stayed in Cheder until 4:15 PM and made a wonderful program for this special day. At 2:00 pM all grades davened Mincha with the Minyan. It was beautiful to see 1st through 7th grade davening together with such חיות!

After מנחה, Rabbi Wolowik split the Cheder into four groups. Two groups stayed in the lunch room to play a jeopardy game with Rabbi Wiener, with questions about our Rebbe and his פעולות. One group went into the 2nd grade classroom, where Rabbi Goldberg farbrenged with the boys, said l’chaim and ate some nosh, told stories and sang ניגונים. The last group went to the 3rd grade classroom, where Rabbi Sirota said משניות with the boys and gave out raffle tickets. Rabbi Silber and Rabbi Wolowik made sure that all the classes were revolving between their places accordingly. After the groups had completed all the activities, the boys gathered in the lunch room for a general farbrengan and Rabbi Wolowik told a story and ניגונים were sung. There was a special raffle from Rabbi Sirota and the winner was Sholom Ber Winsbacher.

May all the boys take the חיות from ג תמוז and add in learning, davening and אהבת ישראל, and through this we will be זוכה to see our Rebbe once again with the גאולה!

Rabbi Lesches at the Ohel Today

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