Wednesday, June 9, 2010


The מידות campaign at Cheder Chabad came to an end but improving and refining our מידות never ends.

The girls and many pre-schoolers always say such a beautiful “good morning!” We hope they continue to do so even if they don’t receive a card for it.

Remember girls,
When walking down the street and seeing someone you know,
Stop and say “hello”.
When someone does something for you, say “thank you”.
Remember to treat your family with respect as well,
Even your younger siblings they will feel swell.

We are so proud of all our Cheder Chabad students and we hope that we will always continue to שעפ נחת from all of your accomplishments.

Mazel tov to the M2@C2 Midos winners:

1. Camera - Aliza Leverton
2. Art kits - Chana Mushka Zaltzman
3. Scooter - Mushky Fisher
4. Mystery prize - Chaya Liberow

RCC Students Go To Ohel

Rabbi Dov Oliver took ten RCC students to the Ohel this past Monday. For most of them it was their first time there and they were very moved. Afterwards the group went out to eat and farbrenged and reflected on the trip.