Thursday, June 3, 2010

Davening Times for Remaining Meshchaninov Shiva

Moshe and Ilya (Eliyahu) Meshchaninov as well as Mrs. Inez Meshchaninov are sitting Shiva for their father and husband, Reb Shmuel Meshchaninov A"H, through this Monday morning at the home of Ilya Meshchaninov, 32 Southgate Drive.

The following are the times for the remaining davenings:

Shacharis: 7:00 AM
Mincha: 5:00 PM

Shacharis: 8:00 AM
Mincha: 8:15 PM
Maariv: At the zman

Shacharis: 7:00 AM

Phone: 845-354-7424
Please help with the minyanim.

.המקום ינחם אתכם בתוך שאר אבלי ציון וירושלים

Seeking Female Head Counselor

Camp Gan Israel of Rockland is seeking a head counselor for our amazing day camp. Camp begins on June 29 and finishes on August 19. For more information, please contact Rabbi Kotlarsky at 845-216-0763 or

Children's Tehillim Program This Shabbos

Siyum on “Hemshech Samach Vov” at Tzemach Tzedek

This past shabbos Parshas Behaaloscha, Tzemech Tzedek Lubavitch of Monsey hosted a siyum and seudas mitzvah in honor of the completion - by a group of Anash - of the whole hemshech of Samach Vov of the Rebbe RaShab.

R’ Shimon Kroll a business yungerman gives a daily shiur in shule in Samach Vov before shacharis. It took four years to complete the whole hemshech.

R’ Shimon was a talmid of Rabbi Yisroel Jacobson O”H and learned with him for several years. The siyum coincided with Rabbi Jacobson’s 35th Yartzeit.

At the seudas mitzvah R’ Shimon explained briefly the maamar and then farbrengend with the olam.

Rabbi Leima Minkowitz of Crown Heights who attended the farbrengen praised the efforts of R’ Shimon Kroll explaining that is exactly what the Friediker Rebbe and Rebbe wanted –that American bochurim and yungeleit chazzar chassidus brabim.

The olam left the farbrengen highly motivated and look forward to start learning the Rebbe’s Maamorim.

Marrus Shabbos Kallah

Mushkie Marrus's Shabbos Kallah will be held this shabbos afternoon at 5:00 PM at 131 Brick Church Road. Everyone is invited.

Rabbi Dov & Shevy Oliver Voted as the Rockland Jewish Heroes!

The long anticipated winner of the Rockland Jewish Federation’s “Rockland Jewish Hero” contest was announced last night at the Federation’s annual meeting.

Mazel tov to the Rockland Jewish Heroes, Rabbi Dov and Shevy Oliver, the directors of the Center for Jewish Life – Hillel - at SUNY Rockland!

More than 100 people gathered at the JCCY in West Nyack for the special announcement. Out of the thirty six nominees, five finalists were selected including the Olivers and Rabbi Shmuel and Devorah Gancz of Chabad of Suffern and Rabbi Chaim & Chaya Ehrenreich of the Chabad Jewish Enrichment Center in Chestnut Ridge.

The award came with a $1,000 check for the organization towards their programs and activities.

Upon receiving the award Rabbi Oliver congratulated all the finalists and nominees and dedicated the award to the Lubavitcher Rebbe who instilled in he and his wife the drive to work in outreach full time. Rabbi Oliver spoke of how both his parents and in-laws were personally taught by the Rebbe the value of spreading the love, joy and warmth of being Jewish to all and how ultimately it is that approach that will ensure Jewish pride and continuity.
Photos: Jeff Karg & Jonah Halper

Farbrengen Sunday Night

Rabbi Moshe Smith will be making a Farbrengen this Sunday night, June 6, at 9:45 PM, at his home, 164 Kearsing Parkway (building 16) in honor of his mothers 55th yarzeit. All are invited!

Ehrenreich Shalom Zachor, Vach Nacht & Bris

Rabbi Chaim Zvi (Tzili) & Chaya’la Ehrenreich will be making a Shalom Zachor for their newborn son this Friday night at their home, 6 Whitefield Road in Chestnut Ridge.

The Vach Nacht/Farbrengen will take place at their home on Sunday night.

The Bris will I"YH take place this Monday afternoon, June 7, at 6:30 PM at Courtyard by Marriot, 100 Chestnut Ridge Road in Montvale, NJ.

Cohen Shabbos Kallah

Women and girls are invited to the Shabbos Kallah for Shternie Cohen which will take place, G-d willing, at the Cohen home, 5 Crestview Terrace beginning at 6:30 PM this Shabbos afternoon.