Thursday, May 27, 2010

Online Achdus Shiur on Sunday Night

In response to numerous tragedies that have hit the international Chabad community a group of Anash and Shluchim have initiated a campaign to promote real Achdus between all Lubavitcher Chassidim.

As part of the initiative there are weekly shiurim online. The second set of shiurim will take place this Sunday night. There will be one for women by Rabbi Yossi Paltiel at 8:15 PM and one for men by Rabbi Yehoshua Gordon at 9:00 PM at

Other initiatives that the Monsey community will participate in will be posted shortly.

Moving Sale

The Goldbergs of Woodcliff Lake, NJ are moving to Eretz Yisroel. They have lots of great stuff for sale. Amongst thee items are: Treadmill · Library Bookshelf (4 panels) · Exquisite Sofa · Triple Stroller · Valco Stroller · Book-cases · Chest Freezer · Madela Pump. Small Appliances: Cuisinart, Vacuum Cleaner, Meat Microwave. Pesach Items: Gas Oven, Cuisinart, George Forman, Hot-plate (Blech), 2-Shelved Toaster Over · AND MUCH MORE!

You can reach Rabbi Goldberg at 845-558-5968 or

6 Month Minivan Lease Available

Looking for someone to take over the lease on my 2008 Toyota Sienna which has 6 months left until the end of the lease. It's an 8 seater with 11,000 miles left on the lease. The cost is $317 per month, and you need not pay any taxes on it. The van is in great shape! Please contact Rabbi Goldberg at 845-558-5968 or

Forming Jewish Identity

By Yisroel Schulman, Rockland Jewish Reporter

More than 10 years ago, with the support of the Jewish Federation of Rockland, a group of concerned citizens created Hillel of Rockland to serve the spiritual, social and educational needs of Jewish students in our area.

Hillel helps Jewish students maintain their identity in their college years and beyond. It provides students with the opportunity to explore their heritage, connect with other Jewish students, and gain skills and knowledge to advocate for Israel.

My own experience at Emory University sparked my interest in bringing Hillel to Rockland. As student president of Hillel at Emory, I saw first-hand how Hillel makes a lasting impact on Jewish students. At a time when many students are forming their identity and choosing careers and life partners, the difference between having a vibrant and active Jewish student organization on campus and not can impact generations to come. While my involvement with Hillel propelled me to a life and career of activism in the Jewish community, I was sorry to see that high school friends of mine who attended other campuses without this opportunity chose very different paths.

In Rockland, Hillel is headquartered at SUNY Rockland Community College, where it operates as the Center for Jewish Life under the direction of a dynamic and popular couple, Rabbi Dov and Shevy Oliver. Hillel of Rockland also serves college-age students who attend other schools or who are not currently enrolled. Its wide array of programs includes holiday celebrations, trips, Shabbatons, study groups, guest lecturers, films, concerts, Holocaust remembrance, counseling and more. In addition, Hillel of Rockland has brought more than 500 students to Israel through Birthright Israel programs.

In the years since Hillel's inception, together with my fellow founders, I have reaped tremendous personal nachas. When I see a young man or woman with a very limited exposure to the Jewish community come to Hillel and form lasting friendships with other Jewish students, I have nachas. When I see groups of Jewish students from every background and affiliation sitting together at a Shabbat dinner, singing and socializing, I have nachas. When I see students return from a Birthright Israel trip with a love for Israel kindled in their heart, I have nachas.

Since its founding, I have been proud to serve as president of the board of Hillel of Rockland, which is comprised of representatives of many segments of the community. We work together to support the activities of Hillel through fundraising. Our efforts are especially crucial in light of the fact that like many other Hillels around the country, Hillel of Rockland operates independently and is not funded by national Hillel.

At this time, we are seeking energetic and dedicated new members to join the board of Hillel of Rockland who would like to support Jewish continuity among young people on our local college campuses. Alternatively, if you would like to see the work of Hillel continue to flourish but can't join our board at this time, you are welcome to sponsor an event or participate in our yearly calendar.

I invite you to partner with us and share the nachas!

I look forward to hearing from you. Please contact me at

Yisroel Schulman, Esq., is president of the Center for Jewish Life/Hillel at SUNY Rockland.

Local Kapota Sale

Kapota's going fast! Limited supply! These Kapotas are one of a kind and they will not be available again at these prices. Retail price is $500 each and we are selling them for only $200.

You will finally enjoy putting on a Kapota in the hot summer. Those that have purchased it are extremely satisfied, with some purchasing 2 Kapotas.

Italian cut and stiching, 100% silk (non-shiny).

Contact Yona at 718-759-8848 or

No Wednesday Night Shiurim Next Week

Due to the Monsey Beis Chaya Mushka graduation this Wednesday, June 2, there will be no women's halacha shiur and no men's Samach Vov shiur that night.