Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Moshiach Seudos for Women

If you would like to host a Moshiach Seudah for women in your neighborhood, please email by this Friday. The list of Moshiach Seuda's will be posted on this website before Yom Tov.

Pre-Pesach Letter from Rabbi Simcha Werner

Dear Anash, She’yichyu:

I would like to make you aware of four important points.

1. The Time for B’dikas Chometz.
The Alter Rebbe writes that the Takonais Chachamim (Rabbinical Ordinance) was that B’dikas Chometz should be started immediately at Tzais HaKochavim unless he has a Minyan for Maariv at that time. If not started at that time then it is called ‘transgressing’ on the Takonais Chachamim. Therefore, it is very important that the house be cleaned and prepared for B’dikas Chometz before this time. At that time Tzais HaKochavim 8:02, husbands should be home even if they have to leave their job early. I am enclosing a copy of the Alte Rebbe’s Psak.

2. The Burning of the Chometz Monday morning.
Monday morning you may eat Chometz until 10:53 am. Burning the Chometz before Pesach is a very important Mitzvah as we see from the Tefilla we say then. All you have to burn is a Kzais of Chometz. The rest may be thrown out. MANY RABBONAI ANASH HOLD, THAT IT IS NOT ENOUGH THAT IT BECOMES SCALDED, BUT IT MUST BE TOTALLY BURNED AND TURNED INTO COAL BEFORE YOU MAKE IT HEFKER. OTHERWISE YOU ARE NOT YOTZE THE MITZVAH OF BURNING. All this, and the saying of Kol Chamira, must be done before 11:46 a.m. After this time your Hefker doesn’t help and the Chometz stays in your possession and the person is transgressing the prohibition of having Chometz belonging to him until he completely destroys it. At many public burnings, be aware that Chometz does not have a chance to burn completely within the allotted time. Allow yourself enough time for complete burning of Chometz. In Viznitz, if you bring it early enough, it is burned properly.

3. Eating the Kzais Matzo.
Although Farbrengin at the Seder is very essential, it is only an extra. Eating Matzo and Afikomen are a MUST. They are Mitzvos that strongly affect our Judaism all year long. On the first night even the Afikomen must be eaten before 1 a.m. which is Chatzos, the real midnight.

Even on the second night, the first Kzais of Matzo must be eaten before Chatzos. The Minhag of Chabad is to be lenient only on the Afikomen on the SECOND NIGHT; that it may be eaten later than midnight. I discussed this with older (Ziknei) Rabbonai Chabad and they said “it is imperative to eat the first Kzais BEFORE Chatzos 1 a.m. even if it means rushing through the Haggadah.”

4. Which Wine to Choose for Kiddush.
Although grape juice is Kosher for Kiddush and Daled Kosos, the preferred way of doing the Mitzva, is to use wine. The Mitzva is to use the wine that you like the best. If there is no taste preference then use Yayin which is not Mevushal and also wine that does not have sweeteners.

Wishing you all a happy, Kosher and Freilichin Pesach - a Pesach where no one should have in his possession even a drop of Chometz and a Pesach in which we do the Mitzvah of Matzo in a beautiful and refined manner.

Waiting for the Geulah Shelema,

Rabbi Simcha Werner

P.S. The Rebbe felt that it was important for every Jew to have Shmurah Matzo at the Seder and also that it is extremely important that they sell their Chometz. The Rebbe said, that since having Chometz during Pesach is committing a transgression every minute, it may be even worse than an Issur Kores.

If you have any neighbors or acquaintances that do not have Shmurah Matzo or you can get them to sell their Chometz, we are able to supply you with Matzo for them and contracts. Please call Rabbi Gil Hami at 973-216-0002 who is working as a Shliach under me.

Cheder Mishnayis Baal Peh Program Ends

The Cheder Chabad Boys משניות בעל פה program has come to an end. In honor of the Rebbe’s birthday on יא ניסן, the boys in חדר collectively said 405 Mishnas and 50 Perakim and 10 Mesechtas בעל פה over the past two months!

The following boys said an entire מסכת בבת אחת - in one shot:

Mendel Rosenbluh said 3 מסכתות - ראש השנה,בבא מציעא,ברכות

Mendel Kalmenson said 3 מסכתות – ברכות,ראש השנה,סוכה

Sholom Fisher said 1 מסכת – מועד קטן

Shneur Zalman Barash said 1 מסכת – ראש השנה

Gedalia Rosenbluh said 1 מסכת – ראש השנה

Mendel Liberow said 1 מסכת – ברכות

The two winners of this weeks raffle were Gedalia Rosenbluh, who won the remote control Nascar, and Mendy Schild, who won the remote control airplane!

A big thank you to for sponsoring the entire program! The ספרים will be given out after פסח.