Thursday, March 4, 2010

Kesser Weekly Chicken and Beef Specials

Kesser Distributors specials of the week are:

Whole Chicken 1/4 for $2.09 per lb.
Chuck Eye Roll Netted for $5.49 per lb.

All chicken and meat is from David Elliot under CHK and shechted by Lubavitcher shochtim.

For a full price list, more information, and to order, please contact Chaim Holtzberg at or 914-729-0838.

Last Avos U'Banim of the Year

In honor of the last Avos U'Banim of the year, this Motzoai Shabbos, Parshas Ki Sisa, there will be extra raffle drawings for special prizes and pizza!

Based on the time that Shabbos ends this week the program will take place from 8:00 to 8:45 PM.

If you would like to sponsor this closing session of this season please contact Rabbi Shusterman at 917-282-3505.