Monday, March 1, 2010

Cheder Mishloach Manos On the Way

By Cheder Chabad

Where oh where is the Mishloach Monos
The Cheder is meant to send?
The day of Purim has already reached its end!
Oy! a mentch tracht un der Eibishter lacht
The plans for each delivery buried deep in the snow
But now its melting so be aware and know
That i"yh the Mishloach Monos will be on its way
And a l'chaim you will make without delay
With art to frame, sweets to eat
From here to Moshiach speedily to greet.

Seeking Ride to Crown Heights

Seeking ride to Crown Heights this Thursday afternoon or evening. If you are driving in, please call 845-362-3612.

House for Sale Near Tzemach Tzedek

Large colonial for sale on a quiet cul-de-sac very close to K'hal Tzemach Tzedek. For more information please call 845-558-9496.

Matzah Baking This Sunday

Shimon Kroll is organizing a group for baking at the Crown heights Matzah Bakery this Sunday, March 7. If you would like to join please contact Reb Shimon at 845-362-1477 or 914-419-5436.