Friday, January 15, 2010

M@MT - Mitzvos At Meal Time at Cheder Chabad

For the past two months at almost every lunch at Cheder Chabad Boys, Rabbi Wiener taught a halacha about meal time to the school. During recess, the boys would say over that halacha and get a halacha card.

Afther all 43 halachos were learned the boys were given a test and almost everyone got over a 90%! The boys who collected all 43 Halcha cards will be receiving a certificate and be part of a meal time pize!

Moving Sale

The following items are available for sale until January 31:

Book shelves, a hutch, a buffet, a dining room table and a riding lawn mower. Seller has a van to help move the items.

For more information please contact Moishe Sachs at 845-362-9155 or

Rabbi Gancz to Speak at Event in CH in Response to Recent Tragedies