Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Strollers for Sale

If you are in need of a triple stroller or a Valco stroller for 2 including a bassinet please contact 845-558-5968 or rabbiyisroelgoldberg@yahoo.com.

Free Reflectors Available

Town of Ramapo Supervisor Christopher P. St. Lawrence has announced that reflective safety sashes are now available to residents. Bearing the inscription “A Safer Ramapo”, these sashes demonstrate the concern of the Supervisor and the Ramapo Town Board for the safety and welfare of each and every resident. Made of reflective material that will catch the eye of a motorist from a significant distance, these sashes are a must for anyone who walks at night. School children of all ages should be advised to wear safety sashes when coming home from school, especially in the winter months when it gets dark early.

The sashes are lightweight and provide exceptional visibility for dusk or nighttime activities. The brilliant neon yellow efficiently reflects oncoming light even when wet. The sashes will not restrict movement and easily fit over clothing or outerwear. The adjustable Velcro closure allows one size to fit all.

For sashes or additional information, please contact Elaine Silverberg at 845-357-5100 Ext. 324 or via email at silverberge@ramapo-ny.gov.

N'shei Chabad Bookstore Update

New from Sichos in English:

  • New Hayom Yom in Hebrew/Yiddish/English, By Rabbi Eliyahu Touger
  • New Torah Or and Likutei Torah ( Festivals - Excerpts) in Hebrew/English, By Rabbi Eliyahu Touger

New from Kehos:

  • Kehos Chumash Shemos

Get ready for Yud Shevat, Tu B'Shevat Chof Beis Shevat and Purim:

  • Basi L' Gani
  • Dear Tree (new for toddlers)
  • Through You, Israel Will be Blessed - Rebbetzin Chaya Mushka
  • Queen of Persia (Book and DVD)
  • Megillas Esther - Hebrew/English, Hebrew - with the Rebbe's Commentary

New Children's Titles from Zalman Goldstein:

  • The Three Sacks of Gold
  • The Big Barrel of Wine
  • Sarahle, Pick Up the Dime
  • The Mystery of the Overturned Inkwell

And as always, Siddurim, Tehillim, Chumashim, Tallis Katan, Tallis Gadol, Gift Certificates and lots more! Please call Yehudis Abramowitz at 845-558-8249.

N'shei Chabad Kosher Fair at Pathmark

Each year prior to Purim, Pathmark Supermarket sponsors a Kosher Fair for the community. The N'shei Chabad Mivtzoim Table is always a featured part of the festivities. This year the Kosher Fair will take place on Sunday, February 21, from 10:00 AM through 4:00 PM. Women and older teenage girls are encouraged to volunteer for an hour or two by calling Mrs. Yehudis Sassiver at 845-352-8910. Neshek packets will be distributed, we will say brachos over food items with visitors, give out mitzva brochures, offer the newly revised "Kosher Quiz" and raffle off a set of the Lubavitch Women's Cookbooks, all while a Rebbe video will be continually playing among the beautiful Shabbos table displays. Be a part of this invigorating experience!

Seeking Ride

If you or someone you know is going from Monsey to Crown Heights this Friday and has room for 1 girl please contact Dini at 845-406-3960.

New Playgroup in New Hempstead

There are only 2 slots left for the new playgroup in New Hempstead. If you have a child that is 17 months to 2 years old and are looking for a small, fun, educational group with experienced teachers in a brand new finished play area please contact 718-801-1408 or nhplaygroup@gmail.com. Hours are from 9:15 AM to 2:00 PM and lunch is served daily.

Baking Class for Young Girls

Due to the large demand Learn the Art will be having a baking class this Sunday, January 17, for younger girls in Pre-1A & 1st grade. The class will take place from 10:00 to 11:00 AM and the cost is $10 per child. This class is specially designed to teach young girls how to bake easy and fun recipes! Space is limited so please sign up today by calling Mushkie Marrus at 845-271-9150.

An Alumnus Gives Back

This past Sunday at Crown Condos in Crown Heights, Rabbi Moshe Wiener, a graduate of the Menachem Education Foundation’s Teacher Training Program and the fourth grade Rebbe in Cheder Chabad of Monsey, came back to the Teacher Training Program to share his experiences and ideas with the class of 5770.

Rabbi Wiener has gained a reputation as one of the finest young mechanchim in Chabad today. Rabbi Wiener traces much of his success to the Teacher Training Program that he attended in 5768 at the Menachem Education Foundation.

“I was in the first cohort of the program,” explains Rabbi Wiener. “None of us really knew how it would turn out, but we were pleasantly surprised at the level of sophistication that the program offered. It was an honor for me to be able to come back and share with the guys some of the methods and innovations that I use in my classroom.”

Rabbi Wiener showed the trainees how to use a method known as 1-2-3 Magic to achieve proper discipline in the classroom. He also showed how a little creativity and innovation can go a long way in helping with classroom management.

“Our teachers are shaping the future of Jewish education!” exclaims Rabbi Zalman Shneur, executive director of the Menachem Education Foundation. “Everything that our trainees learn is practical and hands-on; every part of the program is rooted in the practical realities of the classroom, not in some ivory tower.”

The class of 5770 was appreciative of Rabbi Wiener’s visit and lesson. The 3 hour workshop was filled with practical solutions and advice to everyday issues that present themselves in the classroom. According to a current trainee, Rabbi Shua Lustig, “It really showed us how everything we have learned is practical and hands-on, and can be adapted to fit into every classroom. That’s really the value of this program – the hands-on and practical element.”

The Menachem Education Foundation was established to raise the bar of Jewish education. The Foundation believes that the quality of the educator is the most important part of a quality education. The Foundation runs a Teacher Training Program for aspiring educators, The DaniEL Student Teaching Initiative and a Principal Leadership Program for current principals.