Thursday, January 7, 2010

Shiurim on Birchas HaNehanin at Kollel Ohel Menachem

It’s generally recognized that Birchas HaNehanin, the blessings which we make before enjoying foods, etc, can be complex in certain situations. Why are wine and olive oil mentioned as “fruit” in regard to their blessings, whereas juices derived from other fruits are blessed with shehakol? If one did make the blessing of boray pri ha-eytz over apple juice or orange juice, what is the din? Can the blessing boray pri h-aeytz be receited over wine? What should one do if boray minay mezonos was recited over bread or hamotzi over cake? Under what circumstances would one recite the following blessings over the 5 principal species of grain: hamotzi, boray minay mesonos, boray pri ho-adama, shehachol? Even talmidei chachomim, otherwise knowledgeable, may not have thoroughly mastered all of these halachos.

In the past, several cycles of unique shiurium in the piskei dinim of the Alter Rebbe on Birchas HaNehanin have been arranged by the Kollel to be mezakei es harabim and they were attended with great enthusiasm and success. The way the shiurim will work is that after each weekly one-hour shiur a written “take-home” quiz is given-out, to be completed and returned to the magid shiur for checking the following week. At the conclusion of 4 weeks a general exam is given in all that has been learned. A passing grade on the final exam is recognized with a Certificate and an Award of $100.

The next round of these unique shiurim is scheduled to begin a week from Sunday on Beis Shvat (1/17) from 6:30p – 7:30p at the Kollel Ohel Menachem, 4 Phyllis Terrace, followed by maariv. Leading the classes will be a world expert, Rabbi Akiva Taub, who has been researching hilchos birkas hanehanin of the Alter Rebbe for 40 years, and is the noted author of the sefer Vayevorech Dovid based on the piskei dinim of the Alter Rebbe, za”l. Come and have hanoah! To register, drop a note to

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