Sunday, December 26, 2010

Cheder Girls Visit Crown Heights

By Simcha Rochel Greenwald, Grade 7

This past Tuesday, three cars were filled with the lucky girls from the fourth to eighth grades of Cheder Chabad Girls who tried very hard and succeeded in memorizing the Tanya.

Upon arrival in Crown Heights we took a picture in front of 770 and then went into the Rebbe’s room where we said the Rebbe’s kapital and davened for anyone we wanted. We then went to 770 and had time to say some Tehillim. The girls were awed at seeing the table where the Rebbe would sit at farbrengen.

Then we all walked to the Rebbe’s library where we had an amazing tour. The oldest book they have is 534 years old!

For lunch, we all went to Kingston’s Pizza where we got as much pizza as we wanted, a large drink to share and ice cream! Thank you Mrs. Rosenbluh!

Thank you to our drivers Mrs. Klein, Mrs. Markowitz and Mrs. Marrus!

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