Thursday, February 25, 2010

Some Important Points that May be Overlooked on Purim

By Rabbi Simcha Werner

1. The Rebbe has emphasized that children less than Bar and Bas Mitzvah should give Misheloach Manos and Matonos L’evyonim. This means each boy and girl even less than Bar and Bas Mitzva should give Tzedaka to two poor people on Purim. It is not enough to put the money into a Pushka or give it to a Yeshiva. If they will not come in contact with a poor person, they should give the money to you to distribute.

2. Single people in your household including children should give Misheloach Manos on their own.

3. Women and girls are also Mechuyiv to do Matonos L’evyonim with their own money and give Misheloach Manos on their own.

4. If the women in your household will not come in contact with poor people, they may give it to their father/husband to distribute or they could also give it to the Lubavitch Fund, through Reb Mordechai Litzman at his home, 58 W. Maple Avenue or at the Tzemach Tzedek Shul, or give it to Kupath Ezrah through Yossi Lichtenstein, 15 Bedford Court, Meir Steinhauser, 19 Algonquin Circle, or Rabbi S.F. Mashinsky, 31 Briarcliff Road.

5. If you came to Shul and forgot to take money from your wife or your sons and daughters over the age of six or seven, you may have the one who is collecting the money for the poor people acquire it for their behalf. This will make it their money, and he will give it on their behalf. It is appropriate that the wife and family members be notified of the Tzedakah given on their behalf before the money is distributed to the poor people.


Wishing you and your family an enjoyable and inspiring Purim!

If you have any questions please call Rabbi Werner at 845-356-3850 or 845-641-4475.

Local Purim Schedules

The following are the Purim schedules of davening and Megilla laining for the local shuls:

K'hal Tzemach Tzedek

K'hal Beis Menachem

Chabad of South Monsey

Heichal Menachem

K'hal Beis Menachem Purim Schedule

Purim Night:
Megillah Laining 1: 7:00 PM
Megillah Laining 2: 7:15 PM (downstairs for the children)

Purim Day:
Shacharis 1: 7:30 AM (Megillah at approx. 8:00)
Shachris 2: 8:30 AM (Megillah at approx. 9:00)
Mincha: 3:15 PM

Mazel Tov Spaeths - Shalom Zachor!

Mazel tov to Yaakov and Julie Spaeth on the birth of a baby boy! Mazel tov to the grandparents Eliezer and Sofia Spaeth and Devorah and Tuvia O'Brien!

The shalom zachor will take place this Friday night at the Spaeth home, 7 Galileo Court in Pomona.

Shifra and Puah arranges homemade meals from people in the community for mothers of newborn children from our community. If you are able to cook a meal, please contact Karen Schild at 845-354-4898 or

Purim with the Rebbe in 1982

Gemara Berurah Director Visits Cheder Chabad

This past Tuesday the director of the Gemarah Berurah program, Rabbi Fachler, visited Cheder Chabad and spent some time observing the classes to monitor the progress of the Gemarah Berurah program, how it is being implemented in the classrooms and how the talmidim are using it in the computer lab. He then met individually with the Rebbis. Rabbi Fachler then had a workshop with the Rebbeim of grades 3 through 8 where he introduced the new revamped Gemarah Berurah program that also includes a new component, called Mishna Berurah. This is a program similar to the Gemarah Berurah which will be used for Mishnayos starting from grade 3.

Rabbi Fachler was very impressed with what we have accomplished so far and with the professionalism and the dedication of the Rebbeim. Rabbi Fachler also noted that we are one of the only schools in the world that use Gemara Berurah for all classes that teach Gemarah. Rabbi Fachler will be scheduling several other visits throughout the school year.

The Gemarah Berurah is subsidized by the Avi Chai Foundation and Mr. and Mrs. Dror Frommer.

Heichal Menachem Purim Schedule

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Rashi's KinderCamp Not Opening this Summer

Due to a low registration turnout Rashi's KinderCamp will not be opening this summer.

Bruck Aufruf this Shabbos

Avraham and Sarah Bruck invite you to the Aufruf of their son Shmuel Dovid this Shabbos, Parshas Tetzave, at K'hal Beis Menachem. Kiddush and farbrengen will follow davening.

Yossie Wasserman Shiva Information

Yossie Wasserman is sitting Shiva following the untimely passing of his father Reb Avrohom Wasserman A"H at 700 Crown Street in Crown Heights.

The davening times are:

Shachris: 7:00 AM & 7:30 AM
Mincha: 5:00 PM & 5:30 PM
Maariv: B'Zman and 7:30 PM


.המקום ינחם אתכם בתוך שאר אבלי ציון וירושלים

Neighbor Reacts to Viola Park Incident

The Journal News interviwed park neighbor Deenie Susskind following the incident in Viola Park.

Neighbor Deenie Susskind said police officers were all around the area in the morning.

"I'm horrified," she said at about 11:30 a.m. Monday, holding one of her three young sons against her right shoulder.

She said she often takes her children to the park to play in the snow. She asked a police officer if it was safe for her children to play in the family's yard and was told it was.

Susskind said that while she believed the officer, she was keeping her children indoors.

"It's probably safe," she said. "They haven't caught the guy. If they caught the guy, it would be relatively safe."

Full story here.

MBCM Production Tomorrow Night

Monday, February 22, 2010

Purim at RCC

The Center for Jewish Life at RCC will be having two Purim parties this year, giving students the chance to hear the Megillah (some for the first time in their lives) and enjoy and celebrate this fun filled Yom Tov. If you would like the zechus of sponsoring one of these parties or making a contribution towards them or if you have a spare or old pair of Kosher tefillin to donate for regular Mivtzoim use on college, please call Dov Oliver 845-659-2388.

Rabbi Wolowick At Principal Convention in LA

Rabbi Avremel Wolowick listening to a lecture at the Menachem Education Foundation's Principal Leadership Program in Los Angeles.

Mazel Tov Brucks!

Mazel tov to Avrohom and Sarah Bruck on the birth of a granddaughter born to Yaakov and Esty Bruck of Manchester, England!

Tzemach Tzedek Purim Schedule

Please note that Megilla laining at Tzemach Tzedek on Motzai Shabbos will begin at 7:30 PM and NOT at 7:45 PM as originally listed.

The laining for children that will take place downstairs is for children 8 years old and younger. Children 9 and over must listen to the Megilla upstairs.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Mazel Tov Rosenbergs - L'chaim

Mazel tov to Beryl and Peary Rosenberg on the engagement of their son Nachman to Shternie Junik of Montreal!

The l'chaim will take place tomorrow night, Monday, February 22, at Beis Levi Yitzchak, 556 Crown Street in Crown Heights.

Mazel Tov Haymans - L'chaim!

Mazel tov to Avraham and Devorah Hayman on the engagement of their son Baruch Akiva to Rochel Mishli of Monsey!

The l'chaim will take place tomorrow night, Monday, February 22, at 7:30 PM at the Hayman home, 10 Langeries Drive in Monsey.

Mazel Tov Eisenbergs!

Mazel tov to Shmuel Yosef and Freydie Eisenberg on the birth of a granddaughter born to Levi and Rochel Eisenberg of Crown Heights!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Yisroel Schulman Pledges to Support New 770 Building in Ofakim

Yisroel Schulman visited the community of Ofakim in Israel this week with his wife and daughter where he received a tour of the Chabad institutions run by his friend Rabbi Yisroel Hershkowitz. Mr. Schulman, who has been supporting the Chabad mosdos in Ofakim for some time, surprised the Shluchim by announcing that he would assist in the building of a new 770 style building for Chabad of Ofakim.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Yossie Wasserman to Sit Shiva

Boruch Dayan HaEmes - We are deeply saddened to inform you of the untimely passing of Reb Avrohom Wasserman A"H, the father of Yossie Wasserman.

The Levaya will take place this Motzai Shabbos and will be leaving from the Shomrei Hadaas Funeral Home at 8:00 PM and will pass by 770 at around 8:30 PM, from where it will then go to Eretz Yisroel.

Shiva information will be posted when it becomes available.

.המקום ינחם אתכם בתוך שאר אבלי ציון וירושלים

Chabad of South Monsey Purim Schedule

Purim Night:
Maariv / Motzai Shabbos: 6:25 PM
Megilla Laining: 7:30 PM SHARP
2nd Megilla Laining: 9:00 PM at 9 Fawn Hill Drive.

Purim Day:
Shacharis: 9:00 AM
Megilla Laining: 9:30 AM
2nd Megilla Laining: 11:00 AM at 9 Fawn Hill Drive.
Mincha: 3:30 PM
Maariv and Farbrengen: 9:00 PM at 6 Plymouth Place.

A Freilichen Purim!

Devorah Bloch's Clients Take Out Full Page Ad for Her

Kesser Distributing Purim Special

David Elliot breaded chicken that is ready to bake! Bulk box of 4 trays – 6 leg quarters and 6 breasts on each tray - for $79.99 (smaller package is also available). Includes free delivery. For more information and to order please contact or 914-729-0838.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

New Candy Store to Open in Wesley Hills on Sunday

Sushi Metzuyan Obtains Liquor License

Sushi Metzuyan of Monsey, owned by Lubavitcher Tzvi Maller, has just obtained a liquor license and is now offering a variety of fine wines.

Last Call for Cheder Chabad Mishloach Manos Campaign

Please participate in Cheder Chabad's annual Mishloach Manos project which are sent to the entire local Anash community and is a big help to the Cheder.

Funeral of Martin Grossman in Monsey Last Night

Clown, Juggling, Magic Show at Tzemach Tzedek on Purim

Immediately following the megilla lainings at K'hal Tzemach Tzedek on Purim night (motzai Shabbos) there will be a fantastic clown, juggling and magic show by entertainer Kevin Carr. The show will include object levitation, self levitation, vanishing objects, card tricks, coin transposition, rope tricks, juggling, and much much more!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Purim 5770 Schedule for K'hal Tzemach Tzedek

Taanis Esther Mukdam - Thursday, February 25, Adar 11:
Alos HaShachar – Fast Begins: 5:15 AM
Shacharis 1: 6:45 AM (includes selichos)
Shacharis 2: 8:00 AM (includes selichos)
Mincha (Machatzis HaShekel ): 5:20 PM (includes leining)
Maariv: 6:10 PM
Fast Ends: 6:17 PM

Erev Shabbos Kodesh - Friday, February 26, Adar 12:
Licht Benching & Mincha: 5:25 PM
Chassidus Shiur and Maariv

Shabbos Kodesh, Parshas Tetzaveh, Parshas Zachor – February 27, Adar 13:
Chassidus Shiur: 8:45 AM
Shacharis: 9:30 AM
Parshas Zachor: Approximately 10:45 AM
Hilchos Purim Shiur: 4:30 PM
Mincha: 5:15 PM
Maariv - Shabbos Ends: 6:25 PM
Megilla Laining: 7:30 PM SHARP
2nd Megilla Laining: 9:45 PM

There will be a separate Megilla laining downstairs for children 8 years old and younger who are accompanied by a parent at 7:30 PM. Following both lainings will be light refreshments and a children’s entertainer.

Purim – Sunday, February 28, Adar 14:
Shacharis 1: 8:00 AM
Megilla Laining 1: Approximately 8:30 AM
Shacharis 2: 9:00 AM
Megilla Laini 2: Approximately 9:30 AM
Shacharis 3: 10:00 AM
Megilla Laining 3: Approximately 10:30 AM
Latest Krias Shma: 9:20 AM
Mincha 1: 3:00 PM
Mincha 2: 5:00 PM
Shkia: 5:45 PM
Maariv and Farbrengen: 9:00 PM

Parents – Please be sure that your children do NOT bring any items that make smoke into the shul building. Thank you.

Best wishes for a very freilichin Purim!

Daily Mincha Minyan

Beginning this Sunday, February 21, the daily Mincha minyan at K'hal Tzemach Tzedek will be at 5:30 PM.

The first Maariv is at 6:15 PM and the second Maariv is at 9:30 PM.

The Chevra at the Lefkowitz L'chaim

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Wednesday Night Women's Shiur

Tomorrow - Wednesday - evening's women's shiur at K'hal Tzemach Tzedek will be on the topic of Purim. Next week's shiur is canceled due to the MBCM Production.

Morozow Kiddush

Pinchus and Chaya Morozow invite you to a Kiddush in honor of the birth of their daughter Chava Moussia this Shabbos Parshas Terumah, following davening, at their home, 479 Viola Road.

Local Shluchim to Celebrate "Purim in the Jungle/Africa"

Chabad of Suffern:
Chabad JEC of Chestnut Ridge:

Mazel Tov Lefkowitzs!

Mazel tov to Isaac and Roizy Lefkowitz on the engagement of their daughter Perry to Yitzi Klein of South Africa!

The l'chaim will take place tonight, Tuesday, at 8:00 PM at Lubavitcher Yeshiva in Crown Heights.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Cohen L'chaim

CDC Probes Mumps Outbreak

By Jane Lerner, The Journal News

MONSEY — The number of people infected in an outbreak of mumps that started at an upstate summer camp for Jewish boys is continuing to increase, according to a new federal report.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention put the number of people who have contracted the highly infectious disease at 1,521 as of late January, according to a report dated Friday.

Almost all those cases — 97 percent — have been within Orthodox and Hasidic Jewish communities in Brooklyn, Rockland and Orange counties, the report said. The other 3 percent were among patients who had some contact with those communities. Outbreaks also were reported in Lakewood, N.J., and the province of Quebec.

The biggest outbreak has been in Brooklyn, according to the CDC, which put the number of confirmed cases there at 675 as of late January. The New York City Department of Health reported last week that it was tracking 909 cases, mostly young men in Williamsburg, Crown Heights and Borough Park.

More than 20 percent of the cases have been in Rockland, where more than 300 people in Monsey and New Square were infected.

The outbreak started in August in a Sullivan County camp, according to the CDC.

Health officials traced the outbreak to an 11-year-old camper, who had recently returned from England, where more than 7,000 people have come down with the disease.

When the campers went home, they apparently brought the disease with them to Jewish communities in Rockland and Orange counties, Brooklyn, Lakewood and Quebec, where numerous cases have been reported since September.

Continue article here.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Apartment for Rent in New Hempstead

A two bedroom apartment is available for rent in the Pleasant Ridge area which has a number of young Chabad families. For more information, please contact 347-992-0035.

Cheder Chabad Co-Sponsoring Educational Evening

Cheder Chabad of Monsey is co-sponsoring an educational evening for mothers and teachers along with other local schools ASHAR, Bas Mikroh, Bais Mikroh, Derech Emes and Yeshiva of Spring Valley. The event will take place this Motzai Shabbos, February 20th at 8:15 PM, at 70 Highview Road.

The program will offer a keynote address focusing on bullying and social skills by bully prevention expert, Dr. Rona Novick.

Additionally, the following concurrent workshops will be presented by staff members of the Center for Applied Psychology at Bikur Cholim.

1) Building the Toolbox: Raising our Adolescents to be Socially Healthy, Responsible and Resilient;

2) Social Skills 101: A Guide for Parents and Teachers on How to Build Social Skills;

3) When Your Child Does Not Fit In: Understanding the Full Spectrum of Social Challenge;

4) Bringing Up & Bringing Out Your Socially Awkward & Socially Anxious Child; and

5) Parent & School Partnership: Creating Social & Academic Success.

Admission is free and a light melavah malka will be served. For more information please call 845-425-5252 ext.344.

Lubavitcher NFLer to Speak in Monsey

Mazel Tov Rothsteins!

Mazel tov to Yaakov and Shulamis Rothstein on the engagement of their son Isaiah to Rachael Goldberg of Baltimore!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Mazel Tov Kolts!

Mazel tov to Mordechai and Zipporah Kolt on the Bar Mitzvah of their son Menachem Mendel! All are invited to the Kiddush this Shabbos Parshas Mishpatim following davening at K'hal Nusach Ari, 485 Viola Road.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Mrs. Stacy Schinder Makarov to Sit Shiva

Boruch Dayan HaEmes - We are deeply saddened to inform you of the passing of the mother of Stacy (Esther Sheina) Schinder Makarov (wife of Chaim Makarov).

The levaya will take place this Sunday, February 14, at 2:00 PM at the Cedar Park Cemetery in Paramus.

Stacy will be sitting Shiva beginning Monday at her home, 2 South End Avenue, Apt 5K in New York City.

.המקום ינחם אתכם בתוך שאר אבלי ציון וירושלים

Women's Rosh Chodesh Adar Event

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Kiddush this Shabbos

Eliezer and Devorah Drew invite you to a Kiddush, in honor of the birth of their daughter Sarah Nechama, this Shabbos parshas Mishpatim, following davening, at their home, 17 Ashlawn Avenue.

Mazel Tov Cohens - L'chaim!

Mazel tov to Rabbi Yeruchem and Fraida Cohen on the engagement of their daughter Shternie to Ariel Mangami of Rechovot, Eretz Yisroel!

The l'chaim will take place this Motzai Shabbos at Lubavitch Yeshiva in Crown Heights.

Shifra and Puah Breakfasts?

A few people have approached Mrs. Karen Schild, who is the amazingly dedicated coordinator of Shifra and Puah, about preparing breakfast for the mother of newborns in addition to the dinners that are cooked for a week or as needed (apparently some other communities do this as well).

Before she initiates this project Karen would like to hear some feedback about this idea from you. Please email her directly at

Tonight's Esther or Hadassah Event is On

Ladies, lets face it - it would feel great to get out after being cooped up all day. So come bond, and be inspired, come learn about Esther and her connection to the Myrtle/Hadassah, come make your own Myrtle oil and come support Torah learning in Eretz Yisroel! The Esther or Hadassah event for tonight is on for 8:30 PM at the home of Mrs. Bracha Meshchaninov, 32 Southgate Drive. We hope to see you soon!

Tonight's Halacha Shiur for Women Canceled

Due to the inclement weather the Wednesday night halacha shiur for women has been canceled for this evening.

The Samach Vov shiur will take place as usual.

K'hal Nusach Ari Annual Melava Malka

Cheder Mishnayis Baal Peh Program Update

After two weeks of the Cheder's משניות בעל פה program the children collectively recited by heart מסכת 5 and 28 פרקים and 200 משניות! The boys learn these משניות by heart mainly during their free time, such as recess. Some Rebbis give the boys extra time in class to learn משניות בעל פה.

For the weekly raffles, Meir Maller was the winner of the key chain digital camera and Yisroel Cohen was the winner of the touch chess! The next raffle will be for an underwater MP3 player!

Help Save a Life

By Aleph Institute

Both Jewish and non-Jewish community leaders are petitioning Florida Governor Charlie Crist for an emergency stay of execution for death-row prisoner Martin Grossman, scheduled to be executed on Feb. 16th.

National Council of Young Israel, Agudath Israel of America, Orthodox Union, Chabad, Satmar, Rabbinical Alliance of America, are amongst a list of 200 organizations pleading with the Florida Governor to grant a 60 day stay which would enable for a comprehensive clemency application to be presented and considered.

The case of Martin Grossman is gaining national attention. Grossman, in 1984 was a 19-year-old drug-addicted high-school drop-out with a juvenile record for trespassing. He and a friend, Thanye Taylor, drove to an isolated nature reserve to fire a found handgun.

A wildlife officer stopped them, searched their car and confiscated the gun. Martin,who is reported to have an IQ of 77, panicked and began pleading with the officer not to report him as he would be in violation of his probation. When she reached for her radio a struggle ensued, which resulted in the officer reaching for her own gun, whereupon Martin panicked, snatched her gun and shot her.

A psychiatrist who evaluated him concluded, from his psychological and medical condition, that he could not have formed the intent to kill. Taylor served less than three years in prison while Martin was sentenced to death.

Mr. Grossman has been on death row for over 25 years.

The petition argues that the death sentence meted out to him is disproportionate in the extreme and that his defense was inadequate. Only one percent of murder sentences end in capital punishment, crimes commonly referred to as "the worst of the worst."

The petition further argues that Martin's crime, considering the lack of premeditation, his drug addiction, his IQ level, and several other compelling factors does not qualify for the death penalty, and that the court ignored mitigating circumstances. Only four of thirty-three available defense witnesses were used in the sentencing phase.

Additionally, there are allegations of prosecutorial misconduct as well. A fellow prisoner and key witness for the government swears that he lied at trial, and that he was rewarded by having his own charges dropped. Martin Grossman's appeals regarding these issues have been rejected without hearings, but they could be considered in a clemency petition.

"Martin has shown deep and profound remorse over the years, and is no longer the same wild reckless person he was 26 years ago," argues Rabbi Menachem Katz from the Aleph Institute, who has visited him regularly over the past 15 years.

As of this release, Governor Crist has not agreed to grant a stay. Execution is set for February 16 at 6:00 PM.

Please contact the Governor as soon as possible at:
Phone: 850-488-7146
Fax: 850-487-0801

Letters and calls should be polite pleas to the Governor to take into account Mr. Grossman's youth and impairment at the time of the crime and his good behavior and remorse in the years since. And the request should be that Mr. Grossman be permitted to serve his debt to society by serving the rest of his life in prison.

Please have Michoel Yechiel ben Miriam Sorah in mind when you daven.

You can also sign an online petition here.

Concert Motzai Shabbos

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Mazel Tov Silbers!

Mazel tov to Rabbi Zelig and Shaina Silber on the birth of a baby girl!

Shifra and Puah arranges homemade meals from people in the community for mothers of newborn children from our community. If you are able to cook a meal, please contact Karen Schild at 845-354-4898 or

MBCM 2010 Production

Monday, February 8, 2010

House for Rent

A four bedroom house is available for rent in the Concord neighborhood which is close to K'hal Tzemach Tzedek Lubavitch of Monsey. For more information please contact or 845-425-3905.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Mrs. Devorah Bloch Sitting Shiva

Boruch Dayan HaEmes - We are deeply saddened to inform you of the passing of Mrs. Lila Lent A"H, the mother of Mrs. Devorah Bloch.

The levaya will take place tomorrow, Monday, February 8, at 11:00 AM at Gates of Zion Cemetery, 670 Saddle River Road in Airmont. If you are able to come to the levaya to ensure that there is a minyan it would be greatly appreciated.

Devorah will be sitting shiva at her home, 16 Park Avenue in Monsey, following the levaya until Sunday morning.

The phone number at the house is 845-356-8467.

.המקום ינחם אתכם בתוך שאר אבלי ציון וירושלים

Rabbi Kagan Speaks at Shloshim

Rabbi Chaim Dovid Kagan, Dean of Monsey Beis Chaya Mushka High School for Girls and Rav of K'hal Beis Menachem of Monsey, spoke at the recent Siyum Mishnayos and evening of inspiration marking the Shloshim of Pesha Leah (nee Roetter) Azoulay OBM.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Bas Mitzvah Club Update

By Chaya Rappaport, Cheder Chabad - 6th Grade

The second Bas Mitzvah Club meeting was a major success! We began by welcoming two new girls, Dorah Makarov and Esther Friedman. We are so excited for them to join us in our special Bas Mitzvah Club!

We introduced ourselves and immediately became friends. Then we took our places at an adorable, garden themed table. We filled our plates with refreshments and settled in to hear today's lesson; The Power of Appreciation.

We learned the life story of Rebbetzin Shaina and her appreciation to her husband, the Mitler Rebbe. We made exquisite flower pens and ended with a heartfelt "thanks" for this special experience.

Discounted David Elliot Poultry

All David Elliot poultry is available at a discounted rate from the local distributor in Rockland.

This weeks specials:
Chicken thighs: $1.89 per lb.
Chicken leg quarters:$1.99 per lb.

To order or for more information please contact Chaim Holtzberg at 914-729-0838 or Credit card payments accepted.

Mishloach Manos with Cheder Chabad

Kollel Ohel Menachem Shiur Series Continues

This Wednesday Night

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Mazel Tov Morozows!

Mazel tov to Pinchas and Chaya Morozow on the birth of a baby girl! Mazel tov to the grandparents Yosef (Jay) and Devorah Abramowitz!

Shifra and Puah arranges homemade meals from people in the community for mothers of newborn children from our community. If you are able to cook a meal, please contact Karen Schild at 845-354-4898 or

Bronstein Wedding

Mazel tov to Rabbi Nachman and Chavie Bronstein on the marriage of their son Mendy to Devora Leah Perlow of Sydney, Australia last night!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Seeking Rides

  • If you or someone you know will be driving from Crown Heights to Monsey this Motzai Shabbos and/or from Monsey to Crown Heights this Sunday morning and has room for one woman please contact 718-951-1619 or
  • If you or someone you know will be driving from Monsey to Crown Heights this Friday and has room for one woman please contact 845-825-3859.
  • If you or someone you know is going from Monsey to Crown Heights this Friday and has room for 1 girl please contact Dini at 845-406-3960.

Tonight's Shiur Canceled

Tonight's Taharas HaMishpacha shiur by Rabbi Lesches has been canceled due to the Bronstein wedding.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Local Shliach at Federation Learning Night

Rabbi Chaim Tzvi Ehreneich, Shliach to Chestnut Ridge, giving a class on Tu B'Shvat at the Federation of Rockland County's annual Night of Jewish Learning this past Motzai Shabbos.

Monsey Mentor Featured in New MyShliach Brochure

The MyShliach Program was established by Merkos as a service to the children of Shluchim living in remote and isolated communities. The program is dedicated to the Rebbe’s most precious representatives, the children of Shluchim, offering them professionally-supervised one-on-one mentoring and guidance at all phases of their development. Below is a letter MyShliach received about Monsey Mentor Zevi Schulman and was printed in their recent brochure.

Shliach Speaks at Rockland Holocaust Museum

Author and Shliach Rabbi Simcha Weinstein who wrote “Up, Up and Oy Vey! How Jewish History, Culture and Values shaped the Comic Book Superhero” gave a talk at the Holocaust Museum and Study Center in Spring Valley yesterday, Jan. 31, 2010. The talk was in conjunction with the opening exhibition, American Cartoonist, Nazi Germany and the Holocaust which will run through March 26th. ( Ricky Flores / The Journal News )

Shabbaton for Post Seminary Girls

All post seminary girls are invited to a Chof Beis Shvat Shabbaton this Shabbos, Parshas Yisro, in Monsey.

Strengthen your hiskashrus and enjoy a farbrengen on Thursday night, all Shabbos meals together, a farbrengen on friday night, a shiur by Rav Lesches on Shabbos afternoon and ice skating on Motzai Shabbos!

To reserve and for more information please contact

Mazel Tov Bronsteins!

Mazel tov to Rabbi Nachman and Chavie Bronstein on the birth of a grandson born to Shneur Zalman and Faige Rabin of Montreal, Canada!