Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Cheder Chabad Bas Mitzvah Club 5770

Cheder Chabad is proud to present its Bas Mitzvah Club 5770. Bas Mitzvah Club is a special club for girls who are turning Bas Mitzvah to get together. Our theme is the Lubavitch Rebbetzins. We learn all about their lives, challenges and the lessons that we can apply to our lives now that we are the Bas Mitzvah, the Daughter of a Mitzvah. Our goal is to give the girls a better understanding and appreciation of what Bas Mitzvah means and the importance of taking responsibility for their actions!

Memo from Chaya Rappaport (6th grade) about the first meeting: Our first Bas Mitzvah club meeting started off with a bang! “LIFE ISNT BLACK AND WHITE. MAKE THE RIGHT DECISIONS.” really came to life. First of all, the décor; cookies, chips, place cards and pudding in black and white shades step out, tempting all the girls to sit down and dig in. Then we had a meaningful discussion about Mr. נפש הבהמית and Mr. נפש אלוקית.

We talked about making the right decisions and learned all about Rebbetzin Sheina, the wife of the Alter Rebbe and her outstanding courage. The meeting, which ended with making black and white candles in really cute glasses, was a smashing hit! GO BMC!

We would like to thank our sponsors: Mrs Bracha Meshchaninov, Mrs Rivkah Schulman, Mrs Devorah Hayman, and Mrs Leah Poltorak.

Baby Items for Sale

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Pack n play: $30.00

Restaurant style highchair: $10.00

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Mazel Tov Werners!

Mazel tov to Rabbi Simcha and Chaya Werner on the birth of a grandson born to Shea and Hadassah Werner of Oak Park, Michigan!