Friday, September 11, 2009

The Challah Lady

By Linda Lombroso, The Journal News

Each week, Chanalee Fischer bakes hundreds of challahs in her tiny shop in New City, then delivers them to customers during the night, depositing the braided loaves inside mailboxes and unlocked cars, or with doormen who guard the bread in the lobbies of apartment buildings all over Manhattan.

Baking challah is considered a good deed in Judaism, says Rabbi Shmuel Gancz of Chabad of Suffern, walking back to his car after a quick visit to The Challah Fairy.

"In Jewish life, challah is not just a good-tasting bakery item. It's one of the mitzvot of Jewish women,'' he says. "It has a spiritual history going all the way back to Sarah.''

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Daily Mincha

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